When Does Day Begin?

When does the day begin?? Perhaps you have wondered about it. It’s not what the Gentiles are told, taught, and trained up and programmed to believe. It does not happen at midnight.


And, perhaps you have sensed this, and reckoned that the Jews have it right.Yet, it’s not what those of the House of Judah practice either. For, they also have been led by false teachers.


There is significant scriptural proof for those who want only truth. It’s gathered some detailed videos. Two of those are below:



This video begins a five-part series that begins with this video. The series is not set up as a playlist, so when this video ends you will have to begin part 2, and so on.

The path is narrow. We are told to study [scripture] to show ourselves approved. Don’t study teachers. But, take what the teachers say (including what we share, here) and check the message in light of the true Word of ELoHiYM.

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