The Key of Knowledge

The Key of Knowledge IS the Name of YaHuWaH. And, I can prove it Scripturally.

YeRMiYaHuW/exaltation of YaHuWaH (aka ‘Jeremiah’) 33:1-3:

YeRMiYaHuW 33-1-3

This word, unknowns, is BaTzaR, which means inaccessible. This is the same word used in BeRAShiYT/in beginnings (aka ‘Genesis’) 11:6 to describe the things that were made inaccessible: And YHWH said, “Look, they are one people and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do! And now, they are not going to be withheld (BaTzaR) from doing whatever they plan to do.

Can you imagine that it would be very helpful for the servant of YaHuWaH to have access to all that these sinning men and women had access to? But, who will YaHuWaH give this access to? He says it will be to those who call on Him. And, He says this right after telling us His Name.





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