You may have heard what is called the SheM’A.


According to the Strong’s Concordance (you can read and study this for yourself; it is repeatable results…)

SheM’A means the following things:

*to hear intelligently, often with implication of attention, obedience, for the purpose of telling

*to hear something with one’s ears

Other nuances:

*an unintentional overhearing

*eavesdropping, intentionally listening in on a conversation

*to give undivided attention

*to have knowledge (as in someone heard something and gained knowledge about something)

*to gain or get knowledge

*to come into knowledge about something

*the mere hearing of something

*to make someone hear something suggests summoning the person

*hearing can be both intellectual and spiritual

*Spiritually one may hear ELoHiYM’s Word (Num. 24:4, Gen 177:20)

*to hear means not only to hear what is said, but to agree with its intention or petition (Gen. 16:11, 17:20)

*in the case of hearing and hearkening to a higher authority, ShaM’A can mean to obey (Gen. 22:18)

*to have a hearing heart is to have discernment or understanding  (I Kings 3:9)

*to examine the merits of a case so as to render a just decision (as in a Judge hearing a case-Deuteronomy 1:16)

*something heard (sound, rumor, announcement, that which an audience hears)

*something heard by design or report

*things heard by accident, hearsay




SheMA YaShaRAeL with Lion


To the TuWRaH and to the Testimony 2


In Revelation 12:17, notice that the remnant is guarding the Commandments of YaHuWaH and they have the witness of YaHuWShu’A (in other words He says: “These are my servants.”)


CxaZoWN 12-17


In Revelation 14:12, the QoDeShiYM (the sanctified ones) are those guarding the Commands of YaHuWaH and the belief in YaHuWShu’A.


CxaZoWN 14-12


In Revelation 22:14, we are told BLESSED are those doing His Commands, so that the Authority shall be theirs unto the tree of CxaiY (life/living) and to enter through the gates of the city.


CxaZoWN 22-14



 The love for YHWH that we guard His Commands -1 YaHuWCxaNaN 5-3


Is this what we were taught in ‘church’?!! 

Deuteronomy 13 will tell you how to test to know if you are hearing from a false prophet (or teacher).

In order to REALLY know how to test this, you need to know what the Word says from Genesis through Deuteronomy, and you need to study the word, covenant, and you also need to know who you are. 


We highly recommend that you get a restored Name Scriptures from HalleluYah Scriptures, and a free computer CD audio version of the recorded HalleluYah Scriptures and listen to of these first five books. You can order that at You can also order a parallel English/Hebrew Scriptures from HalleluYah Scriptures.

You could also order a Cepher restored name scriptures and get 10% off with the coupon code codesearcher  here at And, there’s a few other options for restored Name Scriptures.

We also recommend that you get Nazarene Israel: The Original Faith of the Apostles, written by Norman Willis. Very deep research!! And very well written, and easily read!! You can pick up your own copy from Amazon for $7, here:

Screenshot 2016-08-18 12.10.30


When you study that deeply, you will be able to discern how much the one you listen to knows or does not know or who they knowingly or unknowingly serve and who they do not serve.

I have recorded the first two studies we have through the Word on ‘covenant’. I have not completed going through these Scriptures, yet. But, you can study this word, in the restored name Scriptures, yourself.  Just get your Strong’s Concordance, and look up the word, ‘covenant’. There is also an online Strong’s Concordance available for you. Or you can order one from Amazon for less than $25, a hard cover and large heavy duty gotta-have book:

You can watch them here:


Isaiah 8:

Yashayahuw 8

In verse 14, we are told that both houses stumbled over the Sanctuary. Our Sanctuary is the MaShiYaCx (the Messiah). If you don’t know that you are part of one of the two houses, you don’t know that this is speaking about you. If you don’t know how you stumbled over the Messiah, you will know after you read Genesis through Deuteronomy. The Messiah also has to pass the test of a prophet, which is communicated in Deuteronomy 13.

We have been deceived by our Adversary. He is the deceiver. We have not known his tactics for deception. And so, we have been deceived. We can only follow our MaShiYaCx/Messiah, and learn from Him. And to fend off the deceiver, He knew and used Scripture, and He walked in righteousness before the Father, YaHuWaH.

YeRMiYaHuW 31 36


TeShuWBaH is the Hebrew word for repentance. It has to do with RETURNING to the Father… RETURNING to His House, His Way, His Rules. I have removed the pagan names from this image and replaced the Father’s Name as it is in the Scriptures.

EPhRaiYM Repents and is Shown Mercy





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