Seeing the Creator in Genesis 1 in the Dead Sea Scrolls Fragment: There is no GoD mentioned; There is ELoHiYM and AeT, The ALePh and the TaW

In this Dead Sea Scroll Fragment of BeRAShiYTh/in beginning/aka ‘Genesis,’ we have artifactual evidence that ELoHiYM is the self-chosen and communicated title of the Creator. It is not G-D. There is no G-D on this fragment. We want to rightly divide the word, and rightly separate and identify what the Creator told us about Himself. On this Dead Sea Scrolls fragment is the proof of what He called us.


This Dead Sea Scrolls fragment was found in Qumran Cave 4. You can view it at


In the image below, which has been annotated, you can see that the entities of Creator are identified on this Dead Sea Scrolls fragment from Genesis 1 as ELoHiYM, and AeT (ET, the ALePh-TaW, the first and the last).

The ALePh and TaW on this Dead Sea Scrolls fragment is generally believed to be the representation of the Messiah through the 22 letters of the creative ALePh-BeYT (aka ‘alphabet’).

Nowhere in the Hebrew Scriptures in their entirety does G-D represent ELoHiYM. And, to get back to the source and study to show ourselves approved, the farthest we can go back in recorded history with a copy of the Hebrew scriptures is to look to the Dead Sea Scrolls fragments. If you can find a G-D on the Dead Sea Scrolls fragments, or a LORD or a Jesus, I want to know. Please let me know what you’ve found, along with your Dead Sea Scrolls fragments.

The Dead Sea Scrolls fragments are our earliest written history of the Hebrew Scriptures. It is very important that we look to the root for the truth. We cannot just have some spiritual manmade teaching. But, we are responsible to share only truth. And, in order to do that we have to go to the original Source. The Dead Sea Scrolls fragments are the very farthest that we can get back into the ancient times in search of the truth.

In part of our study, we must also examine lexicons and Strong’s Concordance and other Hebrew dictionaries. In all Hebrew dictionaries and lexicons, G-D is defined as the name of the Babylonian deity of fortune.

You can also see it identified by the Strong’s Concordance, referencing Isaiah 65:11, as H1408, H1409, and it is there identified as fortune, and the name of the Babylonian deity of fortune.

YaHuWaH is the Name of ELoHiYM. We see His name first in the Scriptures in BeRAShiYT/in beginning/aka ‘Genesis’ in chapter 2, verse 4.

And, He commanded His people to not speak the name of false mighty ones, nor to go after other peoples to inquire how they worship of their ELoHiYM/mighty ones.

YaHuWaH tells His people, further, that His name is QaNAh/Jealous.

In Y’Sh’AYaH/salvation of YaHuWaH/aka ‘Isaiah’ 65:11 says in the restored name HalleluYah Scriptures, “But you are those who forsake YHWH, who forget My QoDeSh mountain, who prepare a table for G-D, and who fill a drink offering for MeNiY [Babylonian deity of fate].

Here, we see this fragment from BeRAShiYT/in beginning/aka ‘Genesis,’ chapter 1 annotated  in English. Again, there is no G-D here. Only ELoHiYM and AeTh, the ALeP-TaW, the Beginning and the End.


Here, in this Dead Sea Scrolls fragment, you can see the Name of ELoHiYM, which is YaHuWaH recorded as a witness to you, in the Paleo Hebrew language.

Key of Knowledge

Dead Sea Scrolls

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  • Craig Alcott says:

    Stands to reason that closer to YAH HU WAH, root or SOURCE we go, the less polluted, obfuscated, or clouded our information becomes. Pretty sneaky of the Adversary to remove the father’s name, so that we can’t call on it in time of need. It also goes a long way toward explaining how the body of the church commits such as the active destruction of families under the guise of holiness and helping.

    • That’s very insightful of you, brother. We recommend Nazarene Israel, the Original Faith of the Apostles, by Norman Willis. It’s in a playlist on Codesearcher Dot Com’s channel, or you can read it in Kindle version or grab a hard copy at Amazon.

  • Thank you, sister, for embracing the truth. The Father can use you because of this. We love you. BaRuWK HaBA B’ShaeM YaHuWaH. Blessed is the one who comes in the name of YaHuWaH.

  • Cheryl Fitch says:

    As always, Thank you! I have learned so much through you and Jonathan and now with my eyes opened my life has been so transformed. I rejoice in the name of YaHuWaH. I have been teaching catechism for 18 years and was never really comfortable with what the church wanted me to teach. I had so many questions and found myself just teaching from the Bible only. The church wasn’t quite happy with this. But I always felt something was wrong, that there was so much more I needed to know. I prayed for truth, wisdom, and I believe YaHuWaH led me to you both. I have been sharing with the other teachers all the information I have learned from your site, although some seem interested, they are lukewarm and I know they will not pursue it any further. My family gives me a hard time, but my grown sons were immediately receptive to the truth and are eagerly seeking to know more. I felt like I had come home when I first heard you and Jonathan and it appears my son’s feel the same way. So I thank you both again, and always look forward to all you post. I just got back to work after being out for 3 yrs due to surgeries, and will hopefully get a new computer soon so I can become more involved with all you offer. Right now I am only using my smart phone and am limited. I Thank YaHuWah for leading me to you and may he bless you both for opening many eyes.

    • It’s our pleasure to serve the Father, sister Cheryl. And, the more I have questions for Him, the more He answers me very deeply, lol… We are all serving Him. And, it is exciting to see what He will do with you, as well. Have you thought about taking our Hebrew class that will be starting up soon with Eric Bissell? I believe it will be getting started in the next four to six weeks. I am happy to hold off to starting in the new year/the month of the ABiYB (the month that passover occurs, or just slightly before it. If you are interested (and Eric is a great teacher), let me know. Email me: (or copy: We are so grateful to be part of the end times generation, and a part of the amazing restoration of our Father’s remnant back to Him. ShaLoWM, beloved sister. It’s very wonderful to hear about your sons receiving of the truth you are sharing with them.

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