Creation Calendar of YaHuWaH and Gregorian Calendar Not the Same?

Which Calendar is the REAL Calendar? The Creation Calendar of YaHuWaH or the Gregorian Calendar? What’s the difference between the Creation Calendar of YaHuWaH and Gregorian Calendar? The scriptural and historically true calendar of YaHuWaH is not the pagan papal manmade Gregorian calendar.




About that Calendar Hanging on Your Wall–that Roman pagan papal Gregorian calendar, and that Clock in Your Bedroom/Kitchen/Arm… Do they convey to you the Creation Calendar of YaHuWaH and Time? or information for those following a manmade calendar and time?

Do you want to know the scriptural truth on when the Day, Week, Month, and Year begins on the Creation Calendar of YaHuWaH?

If you studied the truth of the calendar and found out that the Gregorian Calendar was not the Creation Calendar, would you be willing to get off the Gregorian Calendar?




Let’s ask some questions:

  1. When Does the Day Begin, Scripturally? Is it at dawn? at evening, like some believe? or at midnight, like we were taught?
  2. Does the Creator’s seventh day of rest (the sabbath) on the Creation Calendar of YaHuWaH coincide with a Saturday on the Gregorian Calendar? Or did YaHuWaH have a different day on His Creation Calendar for the ShaBaT?
  3.  When did Saturday become the 7th day on the Roman manmade calendar that in its current edited form is known as the Gregorian calendar?
  4. Where did YaHuWaH put His Creation Calendar that man could not tamper with it?
  5. How can you know what the Creation Calendar of YaHuWaH is?
  6. Are the songs our kids were taught in preschool, the REAL days of the week in the scriptural Creation Calendar of YaHuWaH? or are the children taught the world’s Gregorian manmade calendar in their earliest days of public education?
  7. (Did we underestimate our opponent’s subtile ways?)
  8. (If we did underestimate him on this calendar issue, what else may we have taken for granted?)
  9. Do the Jews have all the answers on when the sabbath is? Are they using the Creation Calendar of YaHuWaH, as all twelve Hebrew tribes used in this past? Or do they observe/keep/watch/guard the manmade Gregorian Calendar? or do they use a modified form of both of these calendars?
  10.  If so, on which Calendar does YaHuWaH command us to worship Him? On the Creation Calendar or YaHuWaH or on the manmade pagan papal Gregorian calendar, which is the current edited version of the Roman pagan papal manmade calendar?
  11. Can you prove what you believe, scripturally, about your answers to these questions?
  12. Have you searched out the true Creation Calendar of YaHuWaH yet?



To search the answers to these and many more topics on the Creation Calendar of YaHuWaH versus the Gregorian manmade Calendar, with scriptural and historical evidence compiled for you, please check out these sites below.


We also recommend the following on these calendar, when does the day start, when does the work week start, when is the sabbath, and many other frequently asked questions, here:

-the website of Troy Miller:–ask to put on his email. Each month he will send you an email and talk with you in it about the next month’s calendar, trying to teach you how to know it yourself.


-the videos of Norman Pool (these two, and more);


-the website of, and their videos, WLC


-videos about the origin of Saturday





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