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Restoration of the Pure Language

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Look all around you. People are learning Hebrew. People are drawn to it.


And, what’s more important… they are learning Paleo Hebrew.

There’s good reason for this… it is by the RuWaCx, the Spirit of the Father. They are being called out from the languages of confounding.

It happened to our forefather, ABRaHaM, formerly named ABRaM.

From the book of Jubilees, chapter 12 — ABRaM’s words, and YaHuWaH’s Words to and about ABRaM and his course of study of the Hebrew language (from the Cepher Restored Name Scriptures): 

12:16 And…ABRaM sat up throughout the night on the New Moon of the seventh month to observe the stars from the evening to the morning, in order to see what would be the character of the year with regard to the rains, and he was alone as he sat and observed. 

12:17 And a word came into his heart and he said: All the signs of the stars, and the signs of the moon and of the sun are all in the hand of YAHUAH. Why do I search them out? 

12:18 If He desires, He causes it to rain, morning and evening; And if he desires, he withholds it, and all things are in his hand. 

12:19 And he prayed that night and said, My ELOHIYM, EL ELYON, you alone are my ELOHIYM, AND You and Your dominion have I chosen. And you have created all things, and all things that are the work of your hands.

12:20 Deliver me from the hands of evil ruachot (spirits) who have dominion over the thoughts of men’s hearts, and let them not lead me astray from you, my ELOHIYM. And establish me and my seed forever that we do not astray from henceforth and evermore….

12:22 And he made an end of speaking and praying, and behold the Word of YaHuWaH was sent to him through me, saying: Get you up from your country, and from your kindred and from the house of your father unto a land which I will show you, and I shall make you a great and numerous nation. 

12:23 And I will bless you and I will make your name great, and you shall be blessed in the Earth, and in you shall all families of the Earth be blessed, and I will bless them that bless you, and curse them that curse you.

12:24 And I will be an ELOHIYM to you and your son, and to your son’s son, and to all your seed: fear not, from henceforth and to all generations of the Earth I am your ELOHIYM. 

12:25 And YaHUAH ELOHIYM said: ‘Open his mouth and his ears, that he may hear and speak with his mouth, with the language which has been revealed; for it had ceased from the mouths of all the children of men from the day of the overthrow of Babel.

12:26 And I opened his mouth, and his ears and his lips, and I began to speak with him in ‘IBRiYT (Hebrew) in the tongue of the creation.

12:27 And he took the CePheRiYM (books) of his fathers, and these were written in ‘IBRiYT (Hebrew), and he transcribed them, and he began from henceforth to study them, and I made known to him that which he could not (understand), and he studied them during the six rainy months.

Incidentally, when YaHuWaH changed ABRaM’s name, by adding a HeH (like our ‘H’) to his name, his name changed:

From ‘exalted father’ to ‘they fly, they soar, they are strong‘.

The name of YiTzCxaQ (Issac) means laughter

The name of Ya’AQoB (Jacob, heel catcher) was changed to YaShaRAeL (‘Israel’) He prevailed by [His] scatter [& by His] ROD to incite, sting, goad, teach [for the purpose of]

The name of YoWCePh means His accumulation.


YoWCePh is the accumulator. Now, do you know where YoWCePh is today???

This is the tribes of EPhRaiYM and MeNaSheH.

For more on the tribes today, please see the category, the 12 Tribes Today — Where are They?

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