Restoration of the Pure Language


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One of the greatest things you can do to examine the veracity of what you have been taught is to learn how to discern what the Father actually said.

Eric Bissell will teach you in a very energizing way Paleo Hebrew. You can find his series, Eriktology, here:

You can also visit the youtube playlist first video here:

YaHuWaH restore to you all that has been lost, and give you discernment. Everything you learn you must confirm. And, if it’s true, you should walk in the truth of it. Hold onto the truth and get rid of what is not true. The RuWaCx HaEMeT (the Spirit of Truth) that the Messiah sent to guide you will do so. Just make sure to walk in what He shows you. Do not reject it, if you want more truth revealed to you.


Below is a list of each of the Paleo Hebrew letters, and their meanings.
BeN (BeT-NooN), son, means the potential of the house.
AB, Father, means the Word of the House, and speaks of authority, or AB (Father) is where the seed of the Word is planted in the the house/tent/body, developing its form.
EBeN (ALePh-BeT-NooN, Stone) is made up of both AB (Father) and BeN (son) and means the seed planting of the Word in the House to form the development of potential for the son of man to be able to move in the directions in which he was meant to walk. In other words, in order for a man to develop to His full potential, He must allow the Word of the Father and the Son to be planted into him, making himself strong as a ram.
These are the types of things we can ponder on in what the Father meant by each word (grouping of letters) in His Word, spelled in Hebrew/Paleo Hebrew.


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