Question from Codesearcher Video: Which one is it Yeshua or Yahushua???? What does the bible code say??? I thought it was Yeshua.

Question in video comments:

Which one is it Yeshua or Yahushua???? What does the bible code say???

I thought it was Yeshua.


Answer: Which bible code do you speak of???

Do you mean which one of these words ARE in the bible codes?? If that is what you mean, they are BOTH in the bible codes.

Do you mean which one does the Bible codes indicate is the name of the Messiah?? First let’s look at the meaning of both of these words…

These words are very related, both in the scriptures, and you can verify them yourself. You just need to look up the words in the Scriptures and in your Strong’s Concordance. We strongly recommend a restored name Scriptures.


Let’s look at what we see:

H3443 ישוע YeShuW’A

When we look at H3443 ישוע we find out that YeShuW’A is a name that means he will save. This was the name of ten Israelites, and the name of a town.


H3444 ישועה YeShuW’AH

H3444 ישועה YeShuW’AH is a noun. It means something saved, deliverance (denotes ANYTHING from which deliverance must be sought: distress, war, servitude, or enemies–most times this is used to refer to divine deliverance, with ELoHiYM as the subject; rarely, it is deliverance that a man offers); aid, victory, prosperity It is a very common word in Hebrew. This word in the TaNaKh (also errantly known as ‘the Old Testament) denotes YaHuWaH ELoHiYM rescuing His people in war so often, and giving them aid and victory and prosperity. This word occurs either in the context of rejoicing (as in Ps. 9:14) or in the context of a prayer for “deliverance,” (as in Ps. 69:29). HaBaQuWQ (Habakuk) portrays YaHuWaH riding on chariots of salvation (3:8) to deliver His people from their oppressors “horses and chariots of salvation (YeShuW’AH)”… Many personal names contain a form of the root, such as YaShuW’A (YaHuWaH is my help”) Y’Sh’AYaHuW (salvation of YaHuWaH) and Jesus (a Greek form of YeShuW’AH).


3068 יהוה YaHuWaH

3068 YaHuWaH יהוה:self-existent, eternal. It says the Tetragrammaton YHWH appears without its own vowels, and its exact pronunciation is debated. The precise meaning is, also, much debated. The divine name YHWH appears only in the Bible. ELoHiYM chose it as His own personal name BY WHICH HE RELATED SPECIFICALLY TO HIS CHOSEN OR COVENANT PEOPLE. Its first appearance in the biblical record is Gen. 2:4. Apparently, ADaM knew Him by this personal or covenantal name from the beginning, since his son Seth and all other pious persons began to call upon (worship) the Name of YHWH. The covenant found a fuller expression and application when ELoHiYM revealed Himself to ABRaM/ABRaHaM (Gen 12:8), promising redemption in the form of national existence.

[continuing from Strongs, another paragraph:] This promise became reality through MoSheH, to whom ELoHiYM explained that He was not only the “ELoHiYM who exists” but the “ELoHiYM who effects His will”: Thus shall you say unto the children of YaShaRAeL, YHWH ELoHiYM of your fathers, the ELoHiYM of ABRaHaM, the ELoHiYM of YiTzCxaQ (aka ‘Isaac’) and the ELoHiYM of Ya’AQoB (aka ‘Jacob’), has sent me unto you. This is My Name forever, and this is My memorial for all generations. Go, and gather the elders of YaShaRAeL together, and say unto them, YHWH ELoHiYM of your fathers, the ELoHiYM of ABRaHaM, the ELoHiYM of YiTzCxaQ (aka ‘Isaac’) and the ELoHiYM of Ya’AQoB (aka ‘Jacob’), appeared unto Me, saying, I have surely visited you, and seen that which is done to you in Egypt: And I have said, “I will bring you up out of the affliction of Egypt unto the land of the KeNa’ANiY (aka ‘Canaanites’) (Ex. 3:15-17). So, ELoHiYM explained the meaning of “I am who I am” (Ex. 3:14). [continuing from Strongs, another paragraph:] He spoke to the fathers as YHWH, but the promised deliverance, and therefore, the fuller significance of experienced meaning of HIs name were unknown to them (Ex. 6:2-8).

[If your translation does not have this name in Gen. 2:4 and in Exodus 3:14-18 and in all the other 6,820+ places where it is written, it will likely tell you in the forward of your translation WHY the translators left out the name of YaHuWaH and REPLACED it with ‘the LORD’. Usually it will say something such as “out of consideration for a TRADITION OF THE JEWS, we replaced the name…..” If this is the case, your translation needs to be replaced with a restored name scriptures, such as HalleluYah Scriptures or the Cepher or the Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition or the ISR or the Restored Name King James Version.]


3091 יהושוע, יהושע YaHuWShu’A, YaHuWShuW’A

3091 יהושוע, יהושע either of these spellings, as you can see, have the same pronunciation. Understand that this name has tried to be hidden. They say both are Y’HoWShuW’A. We maintain they are both pronounced as ‘yahoo shoo ah’. My transliteration is YaHuWShu’A (the defective spelling, ie. the first coming of the Messiah) and YaHuWShuW’A (the complete spelling, ie., the return of the Messiah when He gets His renewed name). This is the name that Rabbi Kaduri shared with the world in a note after he died in January 2006, and the note was read one year later in 2007. For more on the Name of the Messiah, please so study Messenger of the Name’s Video, Restoring the Creator’s Name, HaSheM Revealed.

[continuing from Strongs, another paragraph:] YaHuWShuW’A יהושוע/YaHuWShu’A יהושע means: YaHuWaH saved. It is derived from two words: from 3068 (YHWH יהוה) and 3467 (YaSh’A ישע: to be open, wide, or free; to be safe; to free or succor; to deliver, help. For example, “For thus says YaHuWaH ELoHiYM, the QaDoSh One of YaShaRAeL; In returning and rest shall you be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength; and you would not” (Isaiah 30:15)); the other YaSh’A ישע word also should be included 3468: YeSh’A ישע: liberty, deliverance, prosperity.


It takes literally seconds to come up with a question. It takes perhaps an hour to study out the answer…..

I hope I have helped you with your question.

But, you are fully capable with coming up with the exact same answer by opening up a Strong’s Concordance and searching out the matter yourself. 

Translations are an easy place to fool people, and for men in high positions to control the masses through delusions.

The only thing I did was replace the pagan names found in the strong’s concordance and give you a video to go study the name of the Messiah further (What is His Son’s Name, by Messenger of the Name).

Desire to know the true Name of the Messiah will drive you to take the time to watch the video and study it.

The rest of this you could study on your own and get the same results that I received, except that you may not know that LORD and G-D are pagan names that the translators put in out of consideration for the tradition of the Jews (since the beginning of translations) to make the Father’s name unknown to those who read the book.
following an ancient tradition

Do you want ADoNaiY YaHuWaH rendered “Sovereign LORD?” Or do you want to just read what it says? Because we all know the word, ADoNaiY, and most of us have heard the Name, YaHuWaH, by now.

Nevertheless, the information is available in the Strong’s Concordance for you, and a strong suggestion I also make is to come out of all false names, get a restored name translation, and study hard to show yourself approved and to fall for no man’s trickery. 
YeRMiYaHuW 4-3 break up your tillable ground (Comes out of all the false pagan names that we inherited (Jer. 16:19-21). You can order this interlinear version, or a large print version, or a waterproof version, and don’t forget your free rubber bracelet with YaHuWaH and YaHuWShu’A’s Name on them, free bookmark with the 10 commandments on them with the restored name of YaHuWaH on it, and a free audio computer CD of as much of the scripture as they have recorded in audio format–we recommend the YaHuWaH version not the Yah-weh version. This includes all of the ToWRaH and parts of the renewed covenant (aka: the New Testament. They have removed all the pagan names.


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There are a few others, too:

The Institute for Scripture Research (ISR):

and the Restored Name Version of the King James Translation, available online, here:


As for the codes YaHuWShuW’A is in the Scriptures so many times that it has to be limited with another word to bring it down to a reasonable searchable term. YaHuWShuW’A ShaeMiY יהושוע שמי(YaHuWShuW’AH is my Name) is in the codes. But, the word ShaeM שמ, which means ‘name’ also means honor, authority, character, reputation, memory, renown, fame. Jonathan has also found YeShuW’AH is my ShaeM ישועה שמי. Deliverance is My character, My reputation, My memory, My renown, My fame.


This highlighted question and answer was taken from the 2nd video, reading the book, Nazarene Israel: 

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