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Is New Moon the First Dawn After Conjunction or is it the Day that the First Visible Crescent is Seen?

A Codesearcher Apprentice asked: When you get a free moment, would you mind to look at this man’s reasoning about the starting time of the new moon?  I would like your thoughts…………it’s not too long of a read……….thank you…

This sister who asked me to look into this is well on her way into restoring the things of the Father. Since it really does take a long time to answer one person’s question, when there may be others who also would like the answer, I’m going to write it in a public way to share with everyone, in an effort to maximize the potential to reach others with the amount of time I have invested to answer her question.

Trying to explain why one person is right or is wrong or is right in these ways and wrong in these ways takes a lot of time to walk someone through the discernment. I just completed what you’re about to read. It took me about 4 hours, and it’s more or less a complete answer to what you were asking me.
One time I had a good friend ask me to just look at a video she thought would show me the error of my ways and tell her what I thought. It took me 8 hours to dismantle and explain why his premise in the first fifteen minutes of the video was WRONG. And, it had to do with what he was telling English speaking people that the Hebrew words meant.
So, English speaking people already not familiar with how YHWH’s calendar worked could not decipher what he was saying. As the scriptures say, his story sounded plausible until he was cross-examined.
So, I’m thankful this article is not long, nevertheless, you will see it takes some time to answer it. It takes much longer to explain why he is wrong. In essence, I have to become a cross-examining lawyer and find the errors in what he is saying, the holes in his bucket, the flaws in his reasoning in order to show you what may be off about what you may be thinking is resonating with you, and tell you why he is wrong.  Come to find out, as I got to the end of my work, that mostly he just copied and pasted someone else’s work. So, I definitely think I worked on expressing the truth longer than the Cepher guy did!! However, I did not know this until I got to the very end of working through it.
I learned early that in public ministry, it takes a very short amount of time for a person to ask a question, even if it is a valid question. But, it takes a very long time to answer the question, often. If you don’t believe me try answering this question for me: What are the 21 scriptures you will need to ignore if you believe ShaBaT is on Sat? Go ahead. Go find the answer. I’ll wait……..
Okay, while I’m waiting for your answer…. I’ll answer your request to look at this article.
In my understanding, from what the Father has shown me in Scripture, he’s close…..  but not quite right.
What if conjunction happens one hour before dawn? If that is so, you will not see the sliver at the end of the day. It will come the next day.
And another thing, I don’t know is does this person who wrote the article ORIGINALLY… does he think the ShaBaT is kept according to the new moon? or did he throw that idea out? Did he accept that the ShaBaT also has to be restored? Or is he keeping Sunday or Saturday as his day of rest? And if he has not restored the ShaBaT is he the right person to tell us when the new moon is? This is just some critical thinking… who is writing… why is he writing… what is his agenda?
Okay, on the new moon…This is my understanding that I was given when I prayed and asked for answers. Since my prayers were answered on high, I don’t ever come across something of man’s wisdom in contrast that ever wins over what the Father has shown me.
Having first dawn after conjunction being the new moon is like announcing a baby is born just because the mom got to 10 centimeters and the doctor said push: The baby is still not out yet. The moon is not seen yet.
On earth, and especially way back when, in our Hebrew ancestors’ days of observing the new moon… there was NO way (unless our ancestors were counting no moon hours) that they could come up with when New Moon began unless they saw the sliver. There was no way to know when conjunction actually was.
Philo, in his recording, (found at tells us that the sliver was seen on new moon day. You can see that and other evidence at, which is why I send people there, and not to Cepher, to learn about the calendar of YHWH.
If you want to learn about the restoration of the Name of YHWH and of His Son’s true name, I send you to Mark Manning, Messenger of the Name, on Youtube. I don’t send you to Messenger of the Name if you want to know about the calendar.
If you want to learn Paleo Hebrew, Eric Bissell is your guy. But, I don’t send you to Eric Bissell to learn the calendar  of YHWH. That’s Troy Miller at That is what he does best. There will be a thousand people to refute him, and he can handle the refutations far better than me.
Our ministry is Codesearcheing and calling upon the restoration of all things We’re just a gateway to get you to the right place.  Cepher does a great job at restoring some of the ancient books into the scriptures and restoring the name of YaHuWaH and they’re very close on the restoration of the Son’s Name. I do not think they put much into this calendar piece they did on new moon. Troy Miller has spent most of the last many years refuting things and reproving others, and laying out the calendar, and setting up an email list so that you don’t have to be left out in the cold, not knowing when the new moon and the subsequent ShaBaTs are.
Another thing I noticed almost right away is that the author is calling the Creator G-D. And, since this is like a nemesis deity to YHWH (according to Isa. 65:11), with his children setting a table for G-D, it seems to me YHWH doesn’t show everything to people who have not embraced His Name and title. The Cepher itself restored the Name, using Yahuah and Elohim. And, that is a very good thing. But, the person who wrote this does notes YHWH.
I believe YaHuWaH showed me sighting the sliver of the new moon was the culmination, the finalé of new moon day. And, that certainly does along with what Philo said.
In our going along, learning to discern new moon, and especially if we are on Facebook, we are likely to encounter those who say new moon is the first dawn after conjunction and those who say it is the signal to keep new moon the following day after we see the first visible crescent. In fact, I think they call first visible crescent “fvc,” or the people who expect to see it (like us) “fvc people”.
What the first visible crescent means vs the first dawn after conjunction is what is the issue between three different groups.
With the ‘first dawn after conjunction’ people (very close in position to the people who believe and understand that the first visible crescent is the end of new moon day), the first visible crescent is not significant, just as long as they take the first dawn after conjunction. In fact, for this person, it may be that if you wait to see the crescent, you are going to miss the correct day for the feasts. He is using fear as he explains the significance of his position vs. our position. He is right that only one of those are right. We maintain our understanding is the correct one. You may decide oa different day is new moon.
Again, these times/days can be very close, but they can only be close when the visible crescent occurs at the end of the day on the first dawn after conjunction.
I have seen people lose friendships over this. They get all in a huff when someone doesn’t agree with them.
I actually ended up having to block the guy on Facebook that month by month and all month long went on and on about how the first visible crescent was the sign that the new month would begin the next day.
Okay. next point. KiCEh in Psalm 81:3 is one of the things the Father YaHuWaH showed me when I asked Him to show me if the previous guy I mentioned was correct or not. But, this guy in your Cepher article SAYS in Ps. 81:3 it says “kesekeseh” and could also be translated as “the full moon; that is the festival”.
I never noticed this when I was studying Ps. 81:3. So, I went and had a look. It does NOT say this. That really bugs me when someone says the Hebrew says something it does not and that it could mean something that it does not.
Check out the image. Do you see how it does not say KeCeHKeCeH in the Hebrew? KaeCeH means concealed. It does not mean ‘the full’. And, even in this image, it is saying the opposite of concealed. So, there is an issue here that has to be searched more thoroughly, because there is also the group of people that say that the new moon IS the full moon (which would mean passover and the feasts of booths would be kept in darkness). There’s confusion over the way this verse is translated, and there’s confusion among the people’s understanding.
This is actually a difficult verse  because it is not translated right. The ISR says the same thing the restored king james says, and it’s not translated right. HalleluYah Scriptures says it right. This is what the verse says: Blow the ram’s horn at the time of the New Moon, At the covering, on our festival day. It’s speaking about new moon in this verse, not about the feast of passover and/or of unleavened bread. Not that the moon is not full at that time. Because it is. If people believe this verse is talking about new moon being full moon, it is not. I believe I can prove that with the definition of KaeCeH. (In my transliteration, the C is used for the letter CaMeK, in the above picture. Look under the number 3677, then you will see bak-ke-seh, then you will see the translation in red, and we’re told it is a noun. The Buh sound is a prefix formed by adding the letter BeYT to the front of the word. And, the words run from right to left. The remaining letters are KaF, CaMeK, and HAe. The CaMeK looks like a fancy ‘O’ with a little curly coming off the left side of it. This word KaeCeH sounds a lot like the name ‘Kacey’. If I write ‘Kacey,’ you’re going to get my use of the ‘c’ as in the pronunciation of ‘cylinder’. Okay, so that’s the word we are talking about, and my point is that even this translation is not correct. However, HalleluYah Scriptures translation is correct. Let’s just see it in front of our eyes.
And, here’s another restored name scriptures that seems to have it correctly translated, the Restoration Scriptures, True Name Edition:
We see that there is a footnote, here. We’ll grab the footnotes for these six numbers after we finish looking at the fullness of the meaning of the word that means concealed.
So, from the Klein’s dictionary, with the same spelling, different pronunciation we have KiCAe for throne, chair and KeCEh/KeCeH for new moon or full moon. And it also says, “According to the Talmud the word derives from K-C-Ae (=to cover) and denotes the time of the new moon (i.e. the time when the moon is covered).” Here, the spelling we are dealing with in Psalm 81:3 is KaeCeH. And, in Klein’s (the red dictionary) it means covered/to cover.
Let’s check Strong’s next. Remember that Strong’s is tied to the King James Translation, and we will check a couple more sources. We have to, because we have stumbled over something people stumble over. In the Strong’s Concordance, we have to look at 3677 (which this numbering has given the word) to 3680. (3679 is not spelled the same way, so we can eliminate it.)
3677 KeCeH: fulness [fullness of the new moon?] or full moon i.e. its festival. So, by looking at the word meaning and the number, this seems to imply that the full moon is the new moon. I do NOT believe that is correct, and it’s not what I believe the Father has shown me. AND, I don’t believe it’s what the Cepher article author believes, either.
3678, KiCAeH means covered i.e. a throne (as canopied). IT is also spelled KiCAeh. KiCAeh means throne, seat. It goes on to say: “The more frequent meaning for KiCAeh is throne or seat of honor, also known as the royal seat.
3680 KaCaH to plump, i.e. fill up hollows ; by implication to cover (for clothing or secrecy).
So, we’re dealing with does cover for secrecy mean a dark moon or a covered with light moon? That is the question to discover. And if throne of honor is the general meaning is there more honor when a moon is full or more honor when there is an eclipse and the moon is covered in darkness? Are people more inclined to think of the awesomeness of the Creator on a beautiful sunny day that happens nearly every day in the summer… or the once in a while solar eclipse?….. Which covering? A covering and withholding of light or a covering with light brings a response from the people of awe? For that matter, which moon (a bright full moon) or when the night time is in pure darkness gains that kind of waiting upon YaHuWaH, waiting for His response to the darkness? (Just a thought to think about….)
But, in this article from the Cepher’s site, the author seems to be implying that KiCeH has to do with the moon being covered with full light for the feast of unleavened bread in this verse.
I hope by now, you’re getting an idea of what kind of work has to be done to research the validity of someone’s point.
Fortunately, when I was seeking the Father for the answer to this question of what constitutes new moon, YaHuWaH’s RuWaCx HaQoDeSh (sanctified Spirit) of truth took me right to the answer. But now, I’m having to sort of go through it again.
There were two other sources that I used in researching this word, KiCaeH, in Ps. 81:3 when YHWH showed it to me: The Concise Dictionary of Classical Hebrew by David J.A. Clines and A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament.
We have both of those books, as well as the Strong’s Concordance on our Resources page: .
The Concise Dictionary of Classical Hebrew by David J.A. Clines says: conceal knowledge; dishonor; be covered, forgiven, of sin; cover oneself; clothe oneself with veil, cloak; cover up, conceal; hide one’s plans from someone.
It says KeCeH is full moon.
It says KiCAeH is throne
Our word is KaeCeH.
Okay, and let’s look at A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament. It says cover; forgive (sin); keep something hidden; cover; the covering; cover up; conceal; keep something secret from; clothe oneself with; put on; be covered; cover oneself.
So, one of the things you have to ask yourself… Some try to say it’s concealed in blinding white light. Others say it’s concealed in darkness. What do you believe, after examining all things, gives you a concealing in darkness or a concealing in white light? What is meant and implied in the scriptures and in the Father’s character to keep hidden His secrets for His chosen ones that He shares them with? You should also examine at on the subject of why the new moon cannot be the full moon, if that is what you’re thinking.
Then, I see several scriptures designed to scare people for observing the first visible crescent. The scriptures have NOTHING to do with people who observe/look for the first visible crescent.  How about this scary scripture? This DOES have something to do with what I see is a problem with the person or entity that wrote the article:
And then…. I find the real source of this article, at the bottom of the page. It’s not CEPHER, at all. They just copied and pasted someone else’s work from They believe in all the pagan deities’ names. I think it was not well searched out by the Cepher, and therefore, again, I point you to get the facts, both scriptural and historical, from Troy Miller, who has dedicated his total ministry to restoration of the calendar. Please go to his site and learn THERE:
Personally, I am highly against people who are restoring the calendar drawing swords on someone else who is also trying to restore the calendar. What if they are wrong and you are right? Or what if they are right and you are wrong? Why not encourage people? Find some solidarity in the fact that at least they are doing their very best to restore the calendar and the QoDeSh/sanctified things of YaHuWaH. How about celebrating that they are remnant material that want to, will, and ARE returning to the Father?
It’s up to each of us to restore the ancient paths. The Father called us to do it.
There’s a great deal of bravery involved in restoring the Creator’s Calendar and going against the world’s beast system calendar to do it. Please don’t try to divide over the issue, against other Hebrews and try to find fault with the people who are restoring the calendar. Study to show yourself approved, share gently, and give the Father time to confirm things in all of our lives, because, there’s just nearly EVERYTHING that we need to restore. We’ve gone so far from the pure truth.
I recommend, and I recommend worldslastchance for their videos on youtube. I do not go by when they define new moon. But, they have some very good videos on the rest of the issues. For instance, if you don’t like that we believe a day begins at dawn, go research it. Start with worldslastchance videos. Study the scriptures they share with you. And, there’s other videos, as well. There’s a reason I recommend these. I have found flaws in the others. That’s why I don’t share the others with you.
If you believe that you have arrived at the right understanding on when new moon begins, and you are praying for further revelation, by all means keep the day you believe you have been led to keep. But, again, please reserve the right to be corrected by the Father or by truth He sends your way. Restoration is a journey. We are learning all the time.
For our family, we believe the Father has shown us that the new moon is kept one or two days, depending on whether we see that sliver at the end of the first night or the second night. That is day one for our month. There are then six working days, days 2-7. ShaBaT is on day 8 and it will be seven days from day 1. That pattern of six working days and one ShaBaT repeats three more times for a total of four times.If your new moon coincides with a Tues. then days 8, 15, 22, and 29 (the ShaBaTs–ShaBaToT is the plural of ShaBaT) will also coincide with a Tues. for that month.
If everyone you know is keeping a Tues. and you cannot figure it out to be a tues., keep it on the day you are given light and revelation to keep, and continue to ask the Father to show you. Whatever truth He shows you, walk in it. Mixtures with the world on other subjects, such as total acceptance of His Name and His Son’s Name, vs. the pagan names we have been taught, tend to taint what our Father trusts us with. He says call on My Name and I will show you greatness and unknowns which you have not known.
Know this!! The enemy WILL come to try to steal whatever truth he can talk you out of. He WILL have your family taunt you, tease you, and even scorn you for any change you make toward the fAther in truth.
After the ShaBaT on day 29, the following day begins the new moon. If you don’t see a sliver at the end of the day ( and no one else in your time zone saw it), that day is given the number 30, and the next day is day 1 and you will see a sliver at the end of the day, given you have clear vision. If you do see the sliver on the day following day 29 (the last ShaBaT of the month), that day is Day 1, New Moon Day. When you can see the first visible crescent of the moon, it is new moon day. That’s how we observe it. But, I have been observing it this way for nearly three years. That means for the preceding four years I was NOT observing it this way. I did not have the revelation I have now on it. I just didn’t. I hadn’t studied it out for myself deeply. I didn’t have the revelation yet to walk in all of it. And, neither do I think the person that copied and pasted this article from the christian website, listed above.
I hope this helps. Be kind to each other. Respect where the Father has your friends who are brave enough to learn His calendar. It takes time. People grow in truth, and there’s a ton… like EVERYTHING… to restore. So, be kind. Be willing to prove all things and have an answer for why you believe what you believe.
Okay, I promised the footnotes from the last scripture image. Here they are:
Now that I have shared why I believe what I believe. And, let me just say, there is no way I believe we are to keep the feast of booths and passover in the dark time of the month; it’s just not what the Father has shown to me. I hope that this helps you. ShaLoWM

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