Nazarene Israel, The Original Faith of the Apostles

Have you heard of this book? Nazarene Israel, The Original Faith of the Apostles? It is written by Norman Willis.

And, we have recorded a playlist of the reading of this book.


We are to be good Bereans and check what we have been taught by the actual legit scriptures.

2,000 years is a very long time for our adversary to go unchecked.

Let’s get back to the Source, and to study to show ourselves approved. There’s no other way to make sure we have the pure belief than to study all of the Word, the Word by which our Messiah lived and taught.


What did the original Apostles believe? How did they live?

Check your belief against those who knew it first.


Here’s what some believers are saying:

“Thank you sister. Your reading is lovely. I think I will buy the book and look into this myself. We are all pilgrims, growing in knowledge, seeking, serving as we ought and looking forward to the great day of our Yeshua. Great info…  I appreciate the root – נצר [NaTzaR] Messiah is called the Branch . From Nazereth- also means a branch for cutting and grafting. So much more too. When you think of Matthew 24 … That our Lord said the apostles would be killed and love would grow cold due to lawlessness. Acts 15 and the writings of Jacob (James )- The Law of Moses would (presumably) continue to be taught in Synagogue every Sabbath…. We now see how evil was working both sides Jew against Gentile to separate, hate and keep Gentiles ignorant… Blessings” (Nazarene Israel Listener, I.D., 2016).


“Wonderful read. Easy to follow and understand. Thank you” (Nazarene Israel Listener, D.G., 2016).


“Praise יהוה. What a blessing and wonderful teaching. I have understood this to be truth through my own study, but never heard it put together this well. יהושע bless you both for sharing this book. i had to laugh when you said about concern for Israel. my ma told me when i was young i always told her I was worried about arabs attacking Jerusalem. thanks again for the knowledge and much love” (Nazarene Israel Listener, S.B., 2016).


“There is no [old] testament there is no new testament; [it] is all one beautiful history of the truth i would like to know who divided the book” (C.C., 2016).

“Now I understand why I feel like I’m from the tribe of Ephraim. This was one of the most interesting and knowledgeable info I’ve ever heard. It explains a lot of the desires to Hebrew Roots that I experience. Thank you so much Darla an Jonathan.” (Nazarene Israel Listener, L.R.B., 11/2016).


“Thank you so much for this info and reading this this book aloud it has Resonated So Deeply into my Spirit [ELoHiYM] Bless you ❤️🙏🏼” (Nazarene Israel Listener, G.B., 2016).

“Thank you so much for this awesome reading and learning Darla. YHWH barak you and yours beyond measure my sister. I still remember the time when I started to want the Truth, of our Mighty Elohim’s true name. It’s been a great berakah to be learning all that HE (YHWH) has been teaching me. Abba Father is awesome. I look forward to meeting you both some Day soon I pray. Thank you both again for all you do to teach others. Much love from Maine” (Nazarene Israel Listener, R. 2016).


“Very interesting. I am learning quite a bit more.” (Nazarene Israel Listener, T.G.,  2016).

“Thank you sister Darla. the restoration process is certainly like a waking limb. Pins and Needles for sure, but to weather the difficulty ends with the limb back to life. blessings and prayers upon you in the names of יהוה יהושע. Much love to you and Johnathan.” (S.B., 2016).


“Hallelu-Yah for this study and reading Darla. Totally amazing. I can see how it all makes sense. We have a Great Elohim. Thank you so much Sister. Yahshua barak you and yours much” (Nazarene Israel Listener, R. 2016).

“Thank you, Darla for these readings & teachings. I cannot express how you & Jonathan have blessed my life. I came out of the ‘ church’ around 2010, knowing I was missing something extremely important – but not knowing what exactly I was missing – until I found ‘codesearcher dotnet’ a couple months ago!!! It is truly a blessing & honor to partner with you! Even @ the age of 67, one is not too old to learn ‘THE TRUTH’ if she is hungry for it!!!… May you & Jonathan be blessed & all restored, in the holy name of JAHUSHUA!!!!!!!” (Nazarene Israel Listener, E.F., 2016).

“Thank you darla for taking the time to read this” (Nazarene Israel Listener, J.I.B., 2016).

“I was misguided about elohim” (Nazarene Israel Listener, T.S.W., 2016)


You can order your own copy for study or for gifts for your loved ones, and help support this author’s ministry, on Amazon:

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