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Is the Name of YHWH Important to Use? If so, Why?

Is the Name YHWH Important to Use?

Well, is the name YHWH important to use? There’s a lot of talk about it, both ways, these days.  Should we be using it? What say you? Does it matter what we say? Only if it lines up with the truth that is in the scriptures.


Name YHWH important

Is the Name YHWH important to use?


The Name YHWH is important. Very, very important to the Father. And while the message of restoration has been pouring forth for the last seven or so years, almost non-stop, not everyone answers YES to what is being restored. And, not everyone says YES to the same things in the same way and at the same time. Case in point….

When we awoke today, Jonathan Wright, my husband, known to many as ‘the Codesearcher,’ shared a restoration teacher’s post through the social media, Facebook. In his post, this man was telling his audience that “while we don’t have to use his name,… it is unfortunate not to when it is used over 6800 times in Scripture. “We don’t have to….” “We don’t have to….” Then, this teacher told his listeners in his social mediate advertisement what amounted to this: “BUT, I’ve invited this well-known Karaite who does not believe in the Messiah we all believe in to tell my listeners how to pronounce his name.”


The post was from one of the restoration ministry teachers of these latter days. It said:

“I will be having [a well known Karaite Jew] on [my program channel] Feb __ to discuss the pronunciation of YHWH.  Please keep in mind that we are free to call him LORD, God, Elohim, Adonai, Yahweh, etc. This question is not a spiritual question, in my opinion, but an academic question. While we don’t have to use his name, I also feel that it is unfortunate not to when it is used over 6800 times in Scripture. Contrary to the claims of some, if you call him “LORD” you are not calling him “Ba’al” (which means “lord”, “master”) Mark this show show on your calendar if you have had questions!”

This teacher is seemingly hoping to drive an audience to his channel to discuss how to pronounce His name, based on this Karaite Jew’s understanding (the training of which he has had and the adult decisions of which he has made have brought him to the conclusion [spoiler alert] it is Yehovah and that G-D is an okay title to use).

I know that I was not brought up to have the opportunities to study where this Karaite Jew was brought up. Nor do I have the experience to help interpret the Dead Sea Scrolls. NOR do I speak fluent modern Hebrew or biblical Hebrew. That makes me pretty much like most believers. Just raised in a christian church, and someone whose life has been in the hands of the almighty Creator, and who is even now ACTIVELY bringing back the lost sheep of the 12 tribes to Himself and to His ToWRaH and to the land of YaShaRAeL. A little child will lead them. The Father can and will use those who are willing to learn. AND…And…..ANDDDDD….. He will teach you Himself!!! His Word says so!!

What this teacher is saying is not scriptural!!!! (as I see it…) This is NOT aligning with all the Father has restored to me. Scriptures the Father has already shown me seem to be strongly against this teacher’s statements. I remind you that he said:

“…Please keep in mind that we are free to call him LORD, God, Elohim, Adonai, Yahweh, etc…”

“…This question is not a spiritual question, in my opinion, but an academic question…”

“…While we don’t have to use his name, I also feel that it is unfortunate not to when it is used over 6800 times in Scripture…”

“…Contrary to the claims of some, if you call him “LORD” you are not calling him “Ba’al” (which means “lord”, “master”)…”



As English speaking church-going Gentiles, with ancestors who came out of the Catholic (“universal”) church system, we have been lied to so very much about what the Scriptures really say, and how our Messiah really lived. And, without studying, like the Bereans studied, we are going to be lied to even more… and MORE… AND MORE!!! We cannot just assume we are not being further deceived.

We can’t trust what people say without studying what the Word says.

This is His Name, as it appears in the Hebrew Scriptures in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Is the Name YHWH Important?

Dead Sea Scrolls

Is the Name YHWH important in these Dead Sea Scrolls? I don’t see King Jimmy’s translators taking notes anywhere.

Restore His Name

Is the Name YHWH Important to Restore? Does He want us to RESTORE His name?

The Father’s Word is knowable, learnable, verifiable, certifiable, and repeatable.

The Father has already shown me, before today, MUCH against the reasoning of this teacher on THIS subject from this posted advertisement on Facebook. Some of what this teacher teaches is very enlightening. But, I think he is not enlightened on this subject, and he chose to go to a Karaite who does not believe YaHuWShu’A is the Messiah, and who calls him, freely, by the title, G-D, which is the name of the Babylonian deity of fortune. So does the teacher call him by this title and name, and he tells us it is okay for all of us to do so, as well.

Now, do you believe YaHuWaH is going to give them clear understanding on the pronunciation of HIs Name if they believe it is okay to call Him by other deities’ names, as well??

Because in the Hebrew scriptures, even in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which this well-known Karaite Jew says that he has studied…

…those names are simply NOT there to call upon. No!! It is the Name, YaHuWaH, and His self-chosen titles that are in His Hebrew Word. ADoN and ADoNaiY are there, but only some 430 times, total, and they are usually followed by His Name, YaHuWaH, such as this example from Y’Sh’AYaHuW/salvation of YaHuWaH/aka ‘Isaiah,’ chapter 61:

Isaiah 61

First, the Father has over 143 times in the TaNaKh (aka the ‘old testament’) alone, spoken about His Name and how He regards His Name and how He expects others His people to regard it, and 154 times where He speaks about His Name in the Renewed Covenant (aka the ‘New Testament). He wants His Name declared, His Name restored, His Name called upon, His Name above all.


It is our personal belief that the Father will start restoring the truth to each of us when we begin to study it, and walk in what has been shown to us. We should be hearing His voice and His guidance ourselves, not having to go to our ‘neighbor’ and have him tell us what the Word of the Father says about how to pronounce His Name.


If there was no ‘v’ sound in ancient Hebrew, how is His Name going to be pronounced Yehovah?


So, let me share with you what the Father has shown me before I saw this advertisement today, and then please allow me to share what He showed me after I saw the advertisement.


The whole book of Malachi is about the priests who “have despised My Name.” You want to watch this video, which will take you through scriptures in the book of Malachi, and show you what the Father has said about His Name and about how He feels about His Name in this book:


Messenger of the Name will tell you how to pronounce the Father’s Name AND the Son’s Name, because neither of these teachers know. A simple visit to their Facebook pages or group pages will show you this. You do NOT have to turn to either of them to know to pronounce them. Don’t take their words for it. You can research it on your own, and Messenger of the Name, Mark Manning, will guide you and teach you how to do the research, yourself, with resources you most likely either already have in your home, or are, at least, very familiar with. You don’t have to turn to a Karaite Jew who may have his own manmade traditions of his forefathers to cast off, still.  Study through scriptural resources yourself, under the guidance of Mark Manning, Messenger of the Name:

Is the Name YHWH important?

Restoring the Creator’s Name, HaShem Revealed:

After watching this video, would you say? Is this the most important name?

What is His Son’s Name?

Is the Name of YHWH’s Son important to know and to call upon?

Could You Believe that His Name Is So Important that Deceived Men Did All They Could To Hide it From the Masses?

following an ancient tradition

This is from the foreword of a King James Translation. It’s known as the ‘AV’: the Authorized Version. Some man known as King James ‘authorized’ this translation, and that’s how it became known as the King James translation. In the Strong’s Concordance, the King Jimmy translation is called the AV. I actually had to research in the Strong’s Concordance: What is this AV the book keeps talking about and referring to?


The Word ‘LORD’ is an IDENTITY THIEF, no matter what anyone says. YaHuWaH’s Name was made vain emptiness/removed from His Word, not shared by the ‘CHOSEN PEOPLE’ who were supposed to proclaim His Name to the world. His Name, YaHuWaH, was replaced by the name, ‘LORD,’ and is called ‘the LORD,’ even today. Still replaced every day by those who call upon “THE NAME OF THE LORD,”instead of calling on the Name of YaHuWaH. 

How about ‘G-D’? These supposed students of the Hebrew language haven’t looked up this word that appears in Isiah 65:11 and says:

“But you are those who forsake יהוה, who forget My set-apart mountain, who prepare a table for G-D, and who fill a drink offering for Meni.”


Is the Name YHWH Important? YHWH in this verse is the one who comes against the people’s worship of G-D, the Babylonian deity of fortune. Y’Sh’AYaHuW/Salvation of YaHuWaH/aka ‘Isaiah’ 65:11,


This translation at is pretty handy. There was a time when I went to this site (with books and chapters easily navigable on the right hand side) nearly daily.

In the left column, you see the Hebrew letters and the vowel paintings/vowel markers, which are easy enough to learn, given a bit of discipline and due diligence. The middle column actually tells you how to pronounce what is in the left column.

Here’s the one main flaw that I found. With the vowel pointings in the left column, the pronunciation of YaHWaH is implied. In the middle column, the reader is also informed that YHWH is pronounced Y’HWaH. But then, in the right column, which has the King James Translation, the translation says YHWH is pronounced Yahway. So, hopefully you can see where some of the confusion has been generated from. But, in all different pronunciations, you have to start to suspect that there is one who keeps the world from knowing how to pronounce the true Name of the Messiah.


If you use this site, you can hover over a word in any column, and it will give you the quick definition, as you see in the image above where LaGaD has been hovered over. ‘L’ is a prefix that means unto. Unto G-D. You can see that in the third column, the one on the right, that the King Jimmy translation, LaGaD has been translated ‘that troop’.


Here’s the meaning of G-D in the Strong’s Concordance, no matter how many times the King Jimmy translation has replaced EL/ELoaH/ELoHeY/and ELoHiYM with G-D.


It tells you that [1408] Fortune, a Babylonian deity, was translated as ‘that troop’ two times in the King James translation. We can look up the word ‘troop’ in the Strong’s Concordance and see that not only is the word translated as that troop here in Isaiah 65:22, but also in Gen. 30:11, where Leah named her son. You can look up Strongs H1408, H1409, and H1410,  and here’s what you will see.



The Strong’s Concordance, under 1408 tells us that [1408] Fortune, a Babylonian deity, was translated in the King James translation as ‘that troop’ two times. But, it never says it was translated as Fortune, a Babylonian deity. As such, we have the whole English speaking world calling upon this Babylonian deity, G-D/

We also see in 1410, there is also a son of Ya’AQoB whose name is GaD (Gawd).

And, in H1408, we see that not only is G-D translated as ‘that troop’ here in Isaiah 65:11, but it is also translated as ‘that troop’ in Gen. 30:11, where Leah named her son. Bear in mind… which meaning would a mother in Chaldea/Babelonia, where her father had idols in his home, be expected to say of her son, in naming him?

In the King James, this passage says:

9When Leah saw that she had left bearing, she took Zilpah her maid, and gave her Jacob to wife.

10And Zilpah Leah’s maid bare Jacob a son.

11And Leah said, A troop cometh: and she called his name Gad.

Now, let’s read it in the ISR restored name translation, a restored name scriptures (Institute for Scripture Research)

9And Lĕ’ah saw that she had ceased bearing, and she took Zilpah her female servant and gave her to Ya‛aqoḇ as wife.

10And Lĕ’ah’s female servant Zilpah bore Ya‛aqoḇ a son.

11And Lĕ’ah said, “With Gaḏ!” So she called his name Gaḏ.

Now, let’s read it in the HalleluYah Scriptures restored name translation, a restored name scriptures (

And Lĕ’ah saw that she had ceased bearing, and she took Zilpah her female servant and gave her to Ya‛aqoḇ as wife.

10And Lĕ’ah’s female servant Zilpah bore Ya‛aqoḇ a son.

11And Lĕ’ah said, “What Luck!” So she called his name Gaḏ (God/G-D… same pronunciation).


Hopefully, you can realize that ‘that troop’ is NOT the correct translation.


So, where did the translators get ‘that troop’? Leah saw Luck/fortune in getting her son through Zilpah. There was no ‘that troop’ coming. This was a very poor translation, an one that is so poor, it might have been purposely designed to lead non-Hebrew speaking, English-language-loving people astray.

If you look up troop in the Strong’s Concordance, you will find that the FIRST time the word ‘troop’ is used is by Ya’AQoB (‘Jacob’) foretelling the outcome of his son, G-D, in the latter days. We find the word, troop, H1416, in this prophecy:

Ben 4919

Here, you can see that H1416 is a crowd (especially of soldiers), and it has been translated to (a) troop.

Mom said: “What luck!!”

Or even: “With G-D/Fortune [(their Babylonian deity of Fortune) [what luck!!],” .

However, Ya’AQoB, near the end of his life, saw into the future to the end times, and prophesied this over of his son, G-D’s tribe, for the latter days:

G-D (Fortune), a G’DuWD (a crowd of soldiers–translated as ‘a troop’) will Y’GuWD (H1464: overcome) him.

But, he shall Y’GuWD (H1464: overcome) at the last [‘AQeB].


You’ve seen G-D on our MoNeY… Are you’re starting to see the connection between what the word says in Isaiah 65:11 and our world, today?:

“But you are those who forsake יהוה, who forget My set-apart mountain, who prepare a table for G-D, and who fill a drink offering for Meni.”

G-D, the Babylonian deity of fortune, on our currency

MeNiY means fate in the Strong’s Concordance. But, those who come into contact with the truth and choose to stay with G-D and money will have their fate sealed, I believe. It’s as if to say that if we choose to stay with G-D, who is on the money of this Babylonian system, our fate is sealed.




Y’Sh’AYaHuW/salvation of YaHuWaH/Isaiah 65:

Let’s look at what the rest of the chapter of Isaiah 65:11 says:

“And I shall allot you to the sword, and let you all bow down to the slaughter, because I called and you did not answer, I spoke and you did not hear, and you did evil before My eyes and chose that in which I did not delight.”

13Therefore thus said the Master יהוה, “See, My servants eat, but you hunger; see, My servants drink, but you thirst; see, My servants rejoice, but you are put to shame;

14see, My servants sing for joy of heart, but you cry for sorrow of heart, and wail for breaking of spirit.

15“And you shall leave your name as a curse to My chosen, for the Master יהוה shall put you to death, and call His servants by another name,

16so that he who blesses himself in the earth does bless himself in the Elohim of truth. And he who swears in the earth does swear by the Elohim of truth. Because the former distresses shall be forgotten, and because they shall be hidden from My eyes.

17“For look, I am creating new heavens and a new earth, and the former shall not be remembered, nor come to heart.

18“But be glad and rejoice forever in what I create; for look, I create Yerushalayim a rejoicing, and her people a joy.

19“And I shall rejoice in Yerushalayim, and shall joy in My people, and let the voice of weeping no more be heard in her, nor the voice of crying.

20“No more is an infant from there going to live but a few days, nor an old man who does not complete his days, for the youth dies one hundred years old, but the sinner being one hundred years old shall be lightly esteemed.

21“And they shall build houses and inhabit them, and plant vineyards and eat their fruit.

22“They shall not build and another inhabit; they shall not plant and another eat. For the days of My people are going to be as the days of a tree, and My chosen ones outlive the work of their hands.

23“They shall not labour in vain, nor bring forth children for trouble. For they are the seed of the blessed of יהוה, and their offspring with them.

24“And it shall be that before they call, I answer. And while they are still speaking, I hear.

25“Wolf and lamb feed together, a lion eats straw as an ox, and dust is the snake’s food. They shall do no evil, nor destroy in all My set-apart mountain,” said יהוה.

There’s seemingly endless things the Father says about His Name. IN what is known as the 10 Commandments, YaHuWaH says to not bring His Name to vain emptiness. Well, that certainly happened. When YaHuWShu’A was on the planet, it was illegal to say YaHuWaH’s Name.

And, He showed me this:

YHWH important speaker

The above information is just SOME of the things the Father has shown me about His Name.

Oh, and let’s not forget this one: Got Oil, virgins?

Your Name is oil poured forth

Is the Name YHWH Important? Is it important enough for you to investigate for 20 hours of your life? There are many mysteries about His Name. Get your Strong’s Concordance and start studying what He says and what He tells you about the special ones that regard His Name.

Today, I saw the advertisement of this ministry, which endorsed the teacher’s OPINION that it doesn’t matter about whether we use His name or if we continue to call him by the other [pagan deities’] names that we have always called him in the past. So, since he believes this is true, he has invited a well-known Karaite Jew who doesn’t believe in the Messiah to teach his viewers how the Creator’s Name (using YHWH as the English letters to signify the spelling of His name) is pronounced.

After seeing this advertisement seeking viewers for it, I sat down to keep our lunar recked ShaBaT (the restored 7th day ShaBaT of YaHuWaH). And the Father showed me two things. The first things He showed me is Psalm 29 (because it is the 29th day of the month on YaHuWaH’s calendar):

Psalm 29 (ISR: Institute for Scripture Research):

QoWL/Voice/Sound/Call YaHuWaH

1Ascribe to יהוה, O you sons of the mighty, Ascribe to יהוה esteem and strength.

2Ascribe to יהוה the esteem of His Name; Bow yourselves to יהוה in the splendour of set-apartness.

3Sound/Voice/Call יהוה is over the waters; The Ěl of esteem thunders; יהוה is over many waters.

4Sound/Voice/Call יהוה is with power, Sound/Voice/Call יהוה is with greatness.

5Sound/Voice/Call יהוה is breaking the cedars, יהוה is breaking the cedars of Leḇanon in pieces.

6And He makes them skip like a calf, Leḇanon and Siryon like a young wild ox.

7Sound/Voice/Call יהוה cuts through the flames of fire.

8Sound/Voice/Call יהוה shakes the wilderness; יהוה shakes the Wilderness of Qaḏĕsh.

9Sound/Voice/Call יהוה makes the deer give birth, And strips the forests bare; And in His Hĕḵal everyone says, “Esteem!”

10יהוה sat enthroned at the Flood, And יהוה sits as Sovereign forever.

11יהוה gives strength to His people; יהוה blesses His people with peace.

And immediately, the Father showed me the word that is translated voice. The word is QoWL (sounds like ‘coal’).  In order to really study the word, you have to read every scripture that is mentioned. And, meditate on it. Then, pray about it and ask Him to reveal the truth to you. After studying everything on this page, does the Father impress upon you that the pronunciation of His Name and not calling upon wrongful translations of His Name and title is important?

Qol 1QoL 2

Why did men in high positions not want the people of YaHuWaH to know or to call upon or to cry out His Name? Here’s a little more to know:

If you have learned amazing restoration, check out the rest of the restoration on this website, and also please consider if the Father would have you start learning Paleo Hebrew with Eric Bissell and me. We’ll be beginning a course in about one month. Send me an email, and I’ll give you the pre-sign up homework assignment from Eric Bissell.

Pure Language Image from Snag It

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