Mr. President, You’re Name is Donald Trump… What Does His Name Mean/Reveal?

An Elected Leader, A Name is Brought Forth to Serve the People of YaHuWaH (that’s the definition of a leader, right??): Donald Trump Wins the U.S. Presidency

We are thankful that YaHuWaH did not allow HiLaRiY in office, for I have seen what’s in her name, and we didn’t want it. But, what’s in the name of Donald Trump that makes him the better choice? What’s a name tell about a person anyway? Is there a message for us in his name?
What’s in a Name? Can you guess what the name, Donald Trump, is about?
Many believers will see a similarity between Trump and trumpet (as in trumpet judgments, perhaps). And, there’s ‘at the last trump’ that will resonate with those looking for the rapture to save them.
But, what’s in a name? What does the name of this new leader of the people, Donald Trump, mean in the Hebrew, the original language? What does his Name reveal about him?
Using the Strong’s Concordance, let’s take a look.
DaN/DoN means judge. And, DoNAL דנאל  could be the same Hebrew letters of DaNiEL, one of DaNiYEL’s name’s spellings. (I will use a capital letter for where the Hebrew letters are; the small letters just help with the knowledge of the pronunciation. While this may be new to you, it’s old hat for our Codesearcher Apprentices… takes about a week to get used to for them in their lessons.)
One of the meanings of EL אל  is a mighty One and is spoken about a Deity.
But, this word was often used in people’s names in biblical times. Even in names that have stranded the test of time, such as MiYKaEL, מיכאל /Michael/Michelle, which means, ‘Who is like EL?’
With regard to this word being used in names, the Strong’s Concordance also says: names with EL (אל) as one of their components were common in the Near East in the second millennium bc[e]. In the Mosaic period, EL was synonymous with [YHWH], who delivered the [Hebrews] from bondage in Egypt and made them victorious in battle [after delivering them from their Egypt slavery, of course, after those who left the land of Egypt were depending solely on YHWH].
The [understanding] that the Hebrew EL as a [deity] who revealed Himself in power and entered into a covenant relationship with His people was prominent in both poetry and prophecy.
The name of EL was commonly used by the [Hebrews] to denote supernatural provision or power.
This was both normal and legitimate, since the covenant between [ELoHiYM] and Israel ASSURED an obedient and [QaDoSh/sanctified] people [so] that the creative forces of the universe would sustain and protect at all times. Equally, if they become disobedient and APOSTATE, these same forces would punish them severely.
[I’m not making this up. This is literally what the Stron’g’s Concordane says. Who would have thunk this was in there??]
A DaLeT (ד) on the end of Donald Trump’s first name would speak of a door, a choice, a commitment.
Another meaning of EL or AL אל: is the pronoun, ‘this’. If this is the meaning of the word, it could be understood as the door, the choice: this judge.
If memory serves me correctly, judges were in place until the people demanded a king.
Or it could mean something like follow this DaN דן out the door. What if, in his tenure, he provides the way of escape for the Hebrews who have been Americans to return to the land of Israel?
Someone suggested just this morning to look up the (T)aeT ט, not the TaW ת, for Trump’s name. Both letters can make a T sound, with a TaW often having a Th sound.
(I transliterate my TaeT like this, so that our Apprentices always know I’m speaking of a TaeT, not a TaW: (T). It’s the only letter I have to do like that.)
Another point of interest is that the (T) ט is the 9th Hebrew letter. And 4=5 of the 45th president is 9, also. Yesterday was the 9th day of the 9th month, and 2016 adds up to 9, as well. 9 is a number meaning judgment, with DaN/’Don’ meaning to judge.
(T)RoWM-P is as close as I can get to TRUMP. TRoWM means not yet. (T)eReM also essentially means the same thing: to suspend, to interrupt, not yet.
A PeY (‘P’) פ on the end of his name would indicate a mouth or open. We could say the opening is not yet. That door on DoNALD (which could be said to mean: The Door [through/out of] the Judgment of EL…) is not yet open. Also, the door, opening the judgements to us in time has not yet opened, either. Perhaps his name indicates there’s still time to declare if we are going to live a sanctified life unto the Creator or if we are going to choose the wide path of destruction.
Perhaps (T)RuMP טרמף will be the Pharaoh persona who controls the people, who also asked What’s in a name…:
“Who is YHWH, that I should obey His voice to let Yisrael go? I do not know YHWH, nor am I going to let Yisrael go.”
Does President Donald Trump know YHWH and obey His voice?
The Pharaoh, initially ignores, but then begins to submit to the voice of YaHuWaH, sho says, let YaShaRAeL (‘Israel’) My firstborn go:  ‘Let My people go…..’
We pray that Mr. Donald Trump, the elected president of the United States will fulfill the calling that YaHuWaH placed on life and have all that he needs to fulfill his calling.
Incidentally, I have also heard some talk about Trump being a modern day Cyrus.
It might be of interest to know that Cyrus is only Cyrus when it has come through Latin and Roman and early English and middle English and down through the ages to us in our erring pagan name translations (there are restored name translations–get one!!).
What’s in your name, Cyrus? The real name is NOT Cyrus, but KoWReSh כורש, like David Koresh. In fact, as I understand it, he and others around him (both sacrificed and not) believe he was a KoWReSh, in his days well.
Please know that this King’s real name was KoWReSh not sy-rus. KaF כ NEVER makes an ‘ess’ sound.
When I think of Trump being a KoWReSh כורש (‘Cyrus’) for us, here’s the thoughts that I think:
When KoWReSh let the YaHuWDiYM (aכa ‘Judah’, aka ‘Jews’) return to the land of YeRuWShaLaiM, after 70 years of captivity, only 10% r3eturned to the land of YaHuWDaH’s heritage. The other 90% chose to remain in Babylon. They had assimilated in with their enemy and taken on their deities to serve (bow down to golden image).
That does not fit the pattern of the first exodus, nor the second (even-greater-than-the-first) exodus. The Father says the second exodus is supposed to be so  much greater that no one will ever speak of the first exodus again. Yet, how close are we to being ready to pack up and leave the United States?
I do believe that for the sake of the few righteous ones who seek to please the Father and obey Him (Rev. 12:17, 14:12, and 22:14) and have the testimony of YaHuWShuW’A and are asking for the ancient paths, we have been spared for now, and there will be a door opened up to rescue/deliver ‘YeShuW’A’ ישוע us….
We will proclaim the Name of YaHuWaH יהוה and His power to save. We will proclaim the Name of His Son, יהושוע. We will proclaim both the ancient paths and the renewed covenant where YaHuWaH’s instructions are written upon our hearts. We will live like our MaShiYaCx and tell all that the righteous do not live by bread alone, but by EV3ERY WORD that proceeds out of the mouth of YaHuWaH. We need to know and receive every word He said. And, when the time is right, we will walk through the door of escape for the remnant of YaHuWaH, the highway that only the righteous can walk.
What’s in a name? A righteous people must serve their ELoHiYM. The Word tells us the Name of the Creator, and the Name of the sanctified people’s ELoHiYM is YHWH (YaHuWaH).
Provision is in His Name. Protection is in His Name. The beginning of knowledge and restoration of greatness and the unknown things are wrapped up in [the acceptance of and walking in the power of] His Name. It is above all. It is the oil for your lamp. It represents the RuWaCx HaQoDeSh.
His Word says to proclaim His Name, to call upon His Name, to defend His Name. Read [restored name] His Word, and Do His [restored name] Word, just like the MaShiYaCx משיח told us to do, like the wise man who built his HOUSE upon a ROCK!!!  Here’s a link to the ISR: Institute for Scripture Research:
If you are on a quest for the truth and you want to accept nothing but the narrow path, and we can help your journey, please email us: or


  • Miss Darla,
    Thank you for this insightful article. The Hebrew language is so beautiful, and multifaceted! It never ceases to amaze me!


  • Diana says:

    I have learned enough to
    Know that a Name has power, description and a story. I love what you are doing with this site, so many of us are sick and tired of the lies we have inherited. Bless all who Seek the truth of Yahuwah, the Ancient of days, the narrow path. Thank you for always being faithful to the Father and our first love. I thank Yahuwshuwa for The hedge of protection placed around you and yours, that the truth may reach all ears willing to hear and eyes willing to see. With thanks and praise we pray that this temple may be worthy to house your very breath of life, your Ruach my beloved Father.

    • Beloved, you certainly have learned. I appreciate any help you can give me here. You are a most, most beloved sister. YaHuWaH keep a hedge of protection around you, and provide healing and provision that you can do all that He would ask of you. ShaLoWM, beloved. We than YaHuWaH for you, and the fact that you have received the truth of YaHuWaH, YaHuWShuW’A and the RuWaCx HaQoDeSh.

  • ShalowmYah!! Thanks for sharing,I’ve learn alot from reading this..Yah Bless

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