Malachi Prophecy: Dr. Suuqiina Shares from the Word: Selfishness, Dishonor, Curse…Meditation, Restoration, Promises

Malachi Prophecy, shared by Dr. Suuqiina:

Malachi prophecy contains latter days warning of dishonor, selfishness, emptiness, bitter curse, meditation on the right thing, the missing key, restoration, and promises. Did we know this was for us to focus on for its message unto this end times generation? Malachi prophecy is contained in the four short chapters of this prophetic book, with a lot of punch of truth and course correction from the Father.  Dr. Suuqiina goes through the four short chapters to tell us about each of the chapters in this amazing book of Malachi, laying out the choice to us of the curse caused by offering to ELoHiYM what dishonors Him or the promises of blessings and restoration by doing what pleases Him.   A fresh knowledge about the Book of Malachi, and going back to the Source, back to the root to apply truth to apply for our great preservation in these latter days.


Malachi Prophecy from the book of Malachi, by Dr. Suuqiina

Malachi Prophecy, Dr. Iglahliq Suuqiina from Indigenous Messengers International, speaks on what the Book of Malachi has to say of prophetical interest and insight to the latter days generation


In the past, many of us learned in church that Malachi was about tithing and testing our faith by giving more. Or, we were taught it was about not divorcing the wife (or husband) of our youth. But, is that all that it is about? Did we know that ELoHiYM was upset with his priests (in other words, the teachers of his people), in this book, and that it starts off with Him being very angry?

What was He angry about?

And, there’s a bitter curse in there, too?

Yes, there is.

Yet, there are amazing promises, as well, that are easy to get in on.

How do we get in on that?

Did we know Malachi was not a prophet’s name?

In Hebrew, it’s MaLa’AKiY: My Messenger


Jonathan and I were very impacted by the work of Dr. Suuqiina on this video. We pray it will be inspiring to you.


After you watch this video, you might want to watch this video, as a second witness to what Dr. Suuqiina is sharing


Other than the pronunciation of the Creator’s Name, we fully agree with Dr. Suuqiina. We applaud the work of Dr. Suuqiina and the his wife in their restoration ministry and serving the Father with their whole heart. There is much to be learned from them. Here, is the research that we say begs to be heard and studied on the pronunciation of the Name of the Father:


For more exciting work of Dr. Suuqiina, you can visit his page here: He and his wife and their ministry are definitely part of the end times restoration that you want to be studying.


A Personal Message from Darla:


We hope this teaching has been a blessing to your life today, as it is to ours.

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