The Latter Days Generation is Like Those Working at Three Different Puzzle Tables

Do you like puzzles?


Some like to work picture puzzles. Some like to work crossword puzzles. Others like riddles.

Allow me to tell you a story about some puzzle workers. It’s a bit of a parable.


The Latter Days Generation is Like…:

puzzle parties



Imagine that our lives are such that there are three versions of TRUTH PUZZLE TABLES, and all are working on their own version (comprehension and working out) of the TRUTH puzzle at one of these three tables. Yet, only one table offers the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE. 

There is ONE INSTRUCTION BOOK that is fully and purely true. However, because it is in a very ancient language that few puzzle workers know, each PUZZLE TABLE decides how they will interact with the INSTRUCTION BOOK.



At the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE TABLE, the puzzle workers use very good translations, with the actual Name of the Puzzle Instruction Book Author, and His Son, the Creator. The puzzle workers also use dictionaries to be able to know the actual words in the INSTRUCTION BOOK. The puzzle-builders STUDY the INSTRUCTION BOOK, and they learn what others are working on, so that they can incorporate their work into their own  PURE TRUTH PUZZLE.




At this table an Adversary or enemy enticed some men to come in and take control of the puzzle table and deceive the puzzle workers. There was great money to be made if they could control all the puzzle workers. They did this by taking the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE, and darkening 2/3 of the puzzle on the left side so it was very hard to see how to work it, and by manipulating the INSTRUCTION BOOK’s translation. 

The fact that the INSTRUCTION book had to be translated for the people to understand the instructions is precisely where the enemy focused his deception. So, this translated INSTRUCTION book, had the pure truth diluted, names changed, and the path was obscured. The first 2/3 of the book were deemed too hard to understand, and didn’t apply to them, anyway, and besides, that was the part of the puzzle that was too darkened in to see it. They also hired musicians and told them to keep the music playing.

And, by doing these three things, they  knew that most would accept 1/3 of the bright and pretty puzzle, and the translation they were given, and not bother themselves with searching out the rest of the information that was missing. In so doing, the enemy and his servants diverted the puzzle workers’ paths, and kept the puzzle workers at MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE table.



With the third table, the enemy  did not need to hire men. For, the puzzle workers became their own deceivers. The enemy took the same TRUTH puzzle and turned it over, and he gave the participants some very colorful markers and said, “Draw your own puzzle. It’s best that way. You can be your own boss!! It’s YOUR MASTERPIECE!! Design it, LIVE IT, ENJOY IT!” The puzzle workers spent their money on making themselves happy.

As far as an INSTRUCTION BOOK, whatever people wanted to include or not include they were allowed to use or not to use. Most did not use the Instruction Book.  Others said, “G-D knows my heart.” And, in the names of creativity and independence, they worked their puzzles on their own terms. And, some did not work on them, at all. Still, others sought other ancient and modern manmade texts to work their puzzles. 



Most people grew up learning how to work their puzzles at MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE table. They learned it well! They were told they had the FULL TRUTH, and the FULL INSTRUCTION BOOK, and THE ONLY AUTHORIZED TRANSLATION of the INSTRUCTIONS!!

They were also told to never go over to the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE TABLE, nor, certainly to ever look at any of its pieces, because the pieces and the instructions were faulty, because–“SURELY, we have the full truth at MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION PUZZLE table.”

So, from infancy, most people learned to put the parts of MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE together very well.



Others, who did not learn at MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE table were working on their puzzles at this table. These puzzle workers thought those at MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE table were SO STUPID AND GULLIBLE for believing the things they had learned at MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION PUZZLE table. They would say things like, “How can you be so ignorant?” “And why do you want to put yourself under all of those rules?”




Each group of people could see how those at the other table were deceived, but they could not see how they, themselves, were each being deceived. (That’s how deception works… those deceived do not KNOW they are deceived.)

And, each group thought the members of the other group were deceived.

Sadly… those working the puzzles at both DIVERSION tables did not know much about the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE TABLE. Few people even knew about the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE TABLE choice for a very, very long time.



ALL OF THE SUDDEN, around 2009/2010, the people at TABLES 2 and 3 heard about the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE table, and an invitation came by SPECIAL DELIVERY to these TABLE group members. Invitations called these puzzle worker members to come work at the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE table.

The people began to feel drawn to come learn about the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE. And, some accepted the invitation to come work their puzzle at the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE table.

They brought their puzzles they had been working on at MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE table.  But, NOW they got to see the PURE TRUTH INSTRUCTION BOOK, and, quite miraculously, the 2/3 of their puzzle that previously they could not see, NOW they could see.

The newcomers learned from others at the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE TABLE that their instruction manual was a bit faulty. Some figured out that the Author of the Instructions and His Son, the Creator of the puzzle, were not even the same Mighty Ones that MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE table had put in their INSTRUCTION book.

Here, at the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE TABLE, the INSTRUCTION BOOK had been restored for the puzzle workers. Names that had been removed and replaced were now restored, and pathway closures that had formerly been put in their path to block their progress were now opened up, with this restored INSTRUCTION BOOK, given to us at the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE table.



The newcomers quickly learned that the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE TABLE was the most ancient of all the  PUZZLE TABLES, and that there was actually a command in the INSTRUCTION BOOK to search the ancient paths of the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE TABLE. The puzzle-workers began to perceive the importance of this.

Others said, “We will not do this. We’re going back to the table we know: MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE table. “

But, the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE TABLE workers no longer went to MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE table any more. Instead, they spent ALL their time (or as much as they could) searching for clues in the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE TABLE INSTRUCTION BOOK as to how to put their puzzles together.

There was so much to unlearn and to relearn. The Author and the Creator were so aware of this that They helped the puzzle workers, confirming their understanding for them or else course-correcting them. And, it felt like a huge restoration to the puzzle workers.  



The newcomer puzzle-workers learned that the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE table had not sent out an invitation in 2,730 years, because there had been a curse, which allowed no one to be invited during the years of the curse. After the curse was over in 2009, the INVITATION went out.

Many others had also accepted the Invitation to the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE table at about the same time–about 2009.   And, people began to work on their own TRUTH PUZZLE, and they were all getting a lot of the same puzzle pieces figured out and built. 

And also, they noticed that some got a certain area of the puzzle pieces assembled first, and others got other pieces built, first. And so, they collaborated, sharing what each learned from each other. 

But, some puzzle workers wanted nothing to do with learning and sharing and collaborating from other puzzle workers. Or perhaps they were just too involved with their own puzzle workings to be interested in what others were learning and putting together. Still others were open to learning some things and not open to other things.



There were people from puzzle tables 2 and 3 who mocked those at the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE table, or they ignored them. Either way, most of them wanted no part of the successful puzzle-working among many new friends, restoring this ancient ways PURE TRUTH PUZZLE.

Yet, there continued to be a steady stream of people leaving MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE TABLE. More people began to hear either the INVITATION going forth or the proclamations of the people at the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE TABLE, as they enjoyed the wonders of working their puzzles at the the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE table. And, people followed them, leaving MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE TABLE, too.

Still, others left MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE TABLE, but they made the decision to join those who were designing their own version of the puzzle at I DO WHAT I LIKE, I DO IT MY WAY PUZZLE table.

CONTROL of the masses became an EXODUS of the masses from  MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE TABLE. This caused an identity crisis for those who remained in the group, as well as for the men who worked hard to control this group and who financially fleeced the people.




If you are like us, and you are working on RESTORING the PURE TRUTH, we offer the pieces that we have put together. There will always be other pieces to work on. We are not an authority on all puzzle pieces, on all subjects of Scripture.  

We don’t have all the pieces put together yet.

We’re still working on it.


But, we do have the PURE WORD, the PURE INSTRUCTIONS.

And, we have the best translations available to us, as well as the pure Hebrew words, and dictionaries that we can look up the words. 

We are EACH commissioned to share the good news of salvation offered by YaHuWaH, (through His Son, YaHuWShuW’A), and obedience of the commandments.


To the TuWRaH and to the Testimony


We offer an opportunity to learn the Hebrew codes in a Codesearcher Apprentice Training Program. If you would like to be a part of this growing Apprentice Training and fellowship, apply here:

Our Apprentices also learn a healthy dose of foundation in scriptural Hebrew.

And soon, we intend to offer just the Hebrew language portion of that training (so that you can learn how to look up and understand and begin to walk in your understanding of the original language of Creation, of our Father, YaHuWaH). 


We know that there is a lot to figure out in this life. And, we know that we have inherited only falsehood and futility…. Jeremiah 16:19-21 says:


YeRMiYaHuW 16-19-21


We all need to work together…. because we are one day going to bring our completed puzzles (or completed to the best of our ability) to our Father and say:

“Look, Father! I have finished what you have given me. And, I helped share all I could of the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE with as many as I could.”

Or… “Look, I worked on the only puzzle I knew to work on.”

Or… “I worked on just this one part because that was the only part I believe was important. After I did that part, I returned to MAN’S ORGANIZED RELIGION DIVERSION PUZZLE TABLE because I liked the traditions I was used to there.”

Or… “I preferred to please my church pastor and elders by staying with them and showing solidarity with them by working the puzzle they gave to me.”

Or… “I didn’t want to work on either of those puzzles, so I chose the one that lets ME be ME.”

Or… “I was working at the PURE TRUTH PUZZLE table, but I worked on my own puzzle. I did not share my light and I received no understanding other than what I could figure out without sharing with others .”

There will probably be a few other things said, too…

May you reflect on this parable of the PUZZLE TABLES, make very certain that you’re working on the right PUZZLE. 

And, may you fulfill the calling that YaHuWaH placed on your life.


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  • Karen says:

    Wow…rings so true to my experience. The last section (Look, Father!) can easily be seen through the lens of Yahushua’s parable of the talents. Thank you so much. Shalom!

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