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Eclipse Morning Dream I Woke Up From

 An Eclipse Morning Dream I Woke Up From

It’s an eclipse morning, and it is occurring on the fourth ShaBaT of the 5th month just about 41 days before YoWM HaKiPuWRiYM. Yes, this is a mon. on the Gregorian calendar.

It’s an eclipse morning…. Today, conjunction will occur. Part of the day is in the old month (the fifth month) and part of the day will follow the conjunction. Tomorrow is new moon day, ROSh CxoDeSh, and begins the month of ELuWL. Today on the Gregorian calendar is Aug. 21, 2017.
eclipse morning

On this eclipse morning, the Codesearcher, Jonathan Matthew Wright (, my husband, and I and our children together happen to be in a holding (and much-needed resting) pattern for ShaBaT.

We are moving from Utah to Hawaii, and staying at the home of my sister in southern California. We have suffered exhaustion from the moving and moving out process off our 11-acre farm in Utah. Last night I was able to get some extra sleep that I don’t normally get or need.

During my sleep just prior to this eclipse morning, I had a very interesting dream, which seemed to take hours to dream. And, I believe I had the dream twice.

In the scriptures, Pharaoh dreamt the same dream twice. YoWCePh (aka ‘Joseph’) told him: “And the dream was repeated to Pharaoh twice because the word is established by ELoHiYM, and ELoHiYM is hastening to do it” (Gen. 41:32). Somewhat similarly, I dreamt my very pertinent dream all night long, and it seems that I dreamt it twice.

I have not worked in television production for over 3 1/2 years.

One of the reasons my job ended was because of my needing to keep the ShaBaT, which does not line up nicely on sat. nor sun. of the Gregorian calendar. I suffered, also, some extensive and ongoing injuries to my back, which I believe was consequentially due to the ShaBaT-breaking.

My Eclipse Morning Dream Details:

On this eclipse morning (Aug. 21, 2017), I dreamt this:

I was back at the studios working.

I started my morning, one hour set up work, which I finished. Then, my boss asked me if he could speak with me outside/off the set of the sound stage.

Significant to know, my former boss’s name is christian and then his last name is French and meant the fountain. Though he is not a christian (and neither am I now), I believe his name is important in the dream, as well as his duties as a boss, as a liaison between the company and his employees. He was also responsible for the employment of about 36 people, in three different departments. And, he was the best boss a person could ask for. We worked in television production.

In my eclipse morning dream, my boss asked me if he could talk to me. So, he took me off the sound stage to talk with me. And therefore, I knew this was serious. He wanted to talk with me outside, and off the set. He did this, because we needed to have a private conversation for some reason.

Also, apparently in the dream, I had an inkling of what he was about to say. I had said something that one of my coworkers, Kevin, had not liked, nor agreed with. Kevin had responded with a statement that the higher up bosses had found about. They took offense to what he had said, what his response was to what I had said, and they penalized him, depriving his family of income, and would not allow him to come to work that day.

So then, Chris, my boss, talked to me about what I had said, initially, that my bosses above him were upset about. And, they were sending me home, without pay, as well, for the day.

The higher ups had become more aware of what I had said when they heard Kevin’s response to my comment. The bosses had seen his response as negative or hateful or unapproving, or unkind toward my initial comment.

They penalized both of us by removing our pay for the day, and they publicly shamed us in front of our coworkers, by replacing us for the day.

So, the decision had been made by our employers, and the production lost two workers, that day. So, they replaced us with two other workers.

As I was leaving, I walked onto the stage, where everyone else had started working on the camera rehearsal of a scene. I saw the person that was replacing me, and Kevin, obviously, was not there, either. I saw all my other coworkers there.

You see, my former boss is a very nice man. He is very much a kind and loving person. Though higher-ups in the company used Chris to reprimand me in my eclipse morning dream, I think his NAME imports significance in this dream. His name means christian, the fountain. My boss is and was a resource, a fountain, for income and provision for many people and their families. People serve with loyalty, when it came to Chris. He is a very pleasant and easy-going person to work with. And every employee loves him. And, I have the utmost respect for him.

I had other bosses, the higher ups, one in particular who was less easy to work for, not a nice person, and she didn’t like me, either. Significantly, those bosses above Chris would use him to communicate whatever problems they were having with crew members.

So, in my eclipse morning dream, my bosses replaced me for that day. And also, they replaced Kevin.
Whatever I had said I did not say in the work area. I had said it on Facebook, or something, outside of the work area. But, my employers responded to it by sending me home for the day, without pay. And, whatever Kevin had said, he also said to other coworkers, in confidence, not to the authorities on the show. Someone broke that confidence to stir up trouble and strife for Kevin with the established employer-authority.
It was really intense for me, because I left, as a result of something that I said outside of the work environment, that was not to their liking, and that they were aware of what I said. A free speech impingement forced me to leave where I worked.

Also important to know that whatever I said, I said it as a believer in YaHuWaH who pursues obedience of His commands. Therefore, they did not like what I said. And so therefore, they sent me home!

They also didn’t like how the other employee, Kevin, responded to what I had said. They felt it was unkind. And so, they refused to pay him for work on this day, as well.

Eric Bissell was also in my eclipse morning dream. He made a video, explaining how our employers treated us unfairly. In Eric’s demonstration, he shared a jar of tartar sauce.

What’s It All Mean?

Certainly, I don’t know what all it means.

However, I think it is significant that I dreamt this dream going into the fifth month’s last ShaBaT, waking up a couple of hours before the eclipse. This eclipse morning is followed by new moon day, taking us into the 6th month of ELuWL, the month whose name, evidently, according to the Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Dictionary, seems to mean ‘good for nothing’. I think this eclipse morning dream highlighted the fact that people are waking up, and the enemy doesn’t want that happening.

You see, the enemy has been manipulating the truth and deceiving and building up false comfort and false feelings of security for a very long time.

Also significant, the meaning of my boss’ name: christian and the fountain. Chris is a very loving and kind person, though not a christian. Nominal surface christianity is BASED on love, love, love, not obedience, obedience, obedience… which has at the root of the word’s meaning (obedience), ‘OBED, a servant.

Nominal christians, those who call themselves christians by name, but not by a life of servitude, generally believe there are no responsibilities or mutual covenantal relationship duties. They believe you only have to love and profess acceptance of Je-sus’s sacrifice. However, Je-sus is a character that never existed in history, in terms of living and dying for the sins of the people.

Where is the fountain of christianity? It’s not in the Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek scriptures. It is from the Catholic church.

In the dream, I was in an Identity Crisis. Whatever I had said that offended my ‘handlers,’ and behavior modifiers, my bosses… whatever I said is truth and reflects truthful as to who I am. And, they did not APPRECIATE IT, ONE LITTLE BIT. They were showing their DISAPPROVAL that I had said what I had said. They were trying to modify my behavior so that I would not say anything else they did not want me to say.

Kevin in Hebrew is KeWiN, or KuWN (H3559). KuWN means to be erect (stand perpendicular); to set up; to establish, fix, prepare, apply; to appoint, render sure, proper or prosperous; to be established, be readied, be prepared, be certain, be admissible; being firmly established, being firmly anchored; being firm; being immovable; to be unchanging and unchangeable.
In Eric Bissell’s video, he used a jar of tartar sauce in a demonstration. Tartar sauce includes mayonnaise (which is mostly oil) and chopped pickled cucumbers, aka sweet pickles with a lot of sugar and vinegar.
It’s interesting to me that I had this dream last night, just prior to this eclipse morning. I haven’t worked there for over 3 1/2 years. In the dream, I saw the people that I worked with. And, in the dream, I was fully back in the regular routine of working Mon. through Fri. But, I was sent home for something that I had said outside of work.

So Where Should We Go From Here? We Should Concern Ourselves with What?

Most importantly, we need to KNOW the Father AND the Son, not the way the Greco-Roman-Latin slanted the story, but as they really ARE. This is first and foremost. It is a key to understanding.

Folks, consequently to our loss of direct teaching from the word, we therefore NEED to search out the real truth, with the RuWaCx HaQoDeSh (the sanctified Breath, aka ‘holy spirit’). We must watch Identity Crisis (by James Staley). If you haven’t seen it yet, let me encourage you to take the time to watch and study this video NOW!! 

Secondly, this is what I recommend. Start researching the roots of your belief. Watch Nazarene Israel, or read the book yourself. It’s written by Norman Willis. 
Next, check out Eriktology. Study to show yourself approved. Let’s see what that verse says in a restored name translation. We all know it. We were raised as christians. WE were taught this verse definitely!! It’s 2 Timothy 3:16, right??
eclipse morning
Next, if you have ever desired to start learning Hebrew, Eriktology is your course!! Eric Bissell was in the dream, teaching and instructing and clarifying facts, and setting right teaching to what the Word actually says. Remember that he was there to defend the truth and to extend his witness of truth.
In actuality, Eric Bissell teaches and explains the Hebrew so well in his Paleo Hebrew course, Eriktology, you won’t even feel like you’re in a language learning college-level course, but you will be. Therefore, I think it’s very important to learn Hebrew from Eric Bissell. 
Also, know this. Believers learn that they are from the lost tribes of Israel, that they are Hebrew. They learn to understand the truth, and that the first part of the book was not ‘nailed to the cross’. I’m talking about believers, yet people raised in christian establishments. The fountain of christianity is not Roman Catholicism. It was NaTzaRiYM, like the Scriptures talk about, with regard to the sect that ShauWL (aka ‘Paul’) led (Acts 24:5): “…a ringleader of the sect of the NaTzaRiYM (Natsarenes).” Restore this knowledge, now!!
Lastly, know this: there is NO House of Gentiles anywhere in the Scriptures. KNOW and LEARN who you are!! Though you were born a Gentile, you are not to remain Gentile. There’s revelation and there’s restoration for you. And, you need to receive it. You need to search for it. If you don’t know that you are from the restoring, returning tribes of YaShaRAeL, you’ve got to restore this knowledge. You have to search for it. The enemy does not want you finding this out.

However, be that as it may, YaHuWShu’A said He came only for the lost sheep of YaShaRAeL, Matt. 15:24.


I think the fountain of christianity is important in this dream, and waking up and having a talk with the fountain of christianity, or having a talk with the true root of where christianity came into play. Because christianity is not the same as NaTzaRiYM. Christianity was born out of Constantine and the Council of Nicea.
So, when I woke up on this eclipse morning, I understood that as people growing up in the United States, and all around the world, believing we are christians, and believing in the King James VERSION as the AUTHORIZED VERSION, believing what their pastors taught them, without studying the original word… these people need to wake up.
Get a restored name translation, so that you can start to discern the truth. We recommend an English/Hebrew parallel scriptures, such as from HalleluYah Scriptures:
The sheep are to contend for the truth. We are to guard the commands. We need to investigate what a total solar eclipse running across the whole united states (the tribe of MeNaSheH, YoWCePh’s son) means for the Gentiles.
Consider this: I’m hearing that no one should be looking directly at the eclipse on this eclipse morning.
And, with today being ShaBaT… we’re supposed to be returning to sit in our home, and remaining in our home. Don’t go out and watch the eclipse on this eclipse morning. I’m hearing it will burn your eyes. We heard about one man whose eyes show evidence of permanent burning, after looking up at an eclipse, with no sun protection on his eyes. Not everything we have to go watch, and take it on as a group-think/nation-think activity.
eclipse morning
Therefore, it is better to be in prayer in your home on this ShaBaT, this eclipse morning. You don’t have to look up at the sun. Be in your home. Remain in your home, calling the Father’s ShaBaT a delight. If you don’t call His ShaBaT a delight, you have GOT TO get on His page, seeing the ShaBaT as He expects you to see it. He wants us to call it a delight. It’s a day of rest. Who doesn’t need a day of rest???
eclipse morning
Most noteworthy, it is a ShaBaT. It’s not a day to be out among every crazy sinning pagan in the world. We are to rest at home.
Now is the time! Now is the day! Certainly, we must see and discern the favor and the time given to us.
Ultimately, we must seize the opportunity, while we have it.
Lastly, ShaBaT ShaLoWM. If you do not yet know the calendar that YaHuWaH uses, please study it at

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