Early Church History: Constantine and Hillel II: Two Men Who Deceived the Whole World…. (The deception we were looking out for in our future? Yeah, it already happened…)


ACTION: Constantine

REACTION: Hillel II, After Hillel II, and the Fixed Calendar


Constantine and Hillel II were deceivers. We’re warned in the Scriptures to be careful of deceivers. And, most christians have likely been trained to keep an eye peeled for this deception in our near future, as part of end-time events and prophecy-fulfillment. Few are taught to look between the time the warnings were written in the scriptures of the New Testament and our current days for this deception that did occur during this time. Yet, very early in church history, there was something very significant… something with promise for the keepers of this… It was the calendar of YaHuWaH that had been done away with. These two men, Constantine and Hillel II, deceived the whole world. We were born into the deception and have been trained very well to follow, live by, and even defend this deception.


But, for those who only want the truth, check out this article: https://www.worldslastchance.com/yahuwahs-calendar/constantine-hillel-two-men-who-deceived-the-whole-world.html.


Here are the videos implanted there:

And then, may we suggest you go to http://www.creationcalendar.com to learn the calendar of YaHuWaH.





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