Dr. says Cancer is a Fungus and offers a Natural Treatment

Natural Cancer Treatment: Cancer is a Fungus

Here at 12TribesIbriy, we’re all about restoring the things that the Father wanted for us. One of the things that we battle are assaults on our health. We must restore the purity of the ways our Father chose for us. And, we must battle the messes we have gotten ourselves into or diseases by which we have been attacked, such as a fungus that causes cancer. OPERATION RESTORATION with a very natural cancer treatment: Dr. Simoncini says that cancer is a fungus and that you can cure cancer with baking soda. This is not a new idea. There’s a booklet being sold right now online: Top 10 Natural Cures for Cancer. It’s quite possible that baking soda is one of the cures. I’m not recommending that booklet by the way. At the end of this page, I’ll give you a very good source to purchase.


Personally, I HATE the tastes of some natural cancer treatments. Baking soda in my drinking water would be one of those. But, I can put baking soda in vegetarian capsules… (I don’t do pork).


And, I don’t know how to get a baking soda injection for a natural cancer treatment….. (But, if I had cancer you can be sure I’ll figure it out.)


But, I CAN do the rest of the protocols recommended to treat a fungus cancer by this natural cancer treatment than any of us can also do.


The article, below, says “In the plant world, carcinoma is caused by fungal infections, and the same happens in humans. Fungi always carry a tumor with them – this has been proven in both in vivo and in vitro studies. However, scientists believe that they develop after the disease appeared.” Dr. Simoncini does not believe the tumor appears after the disease appears. Fungi always carry a tumor with them!!! That’s crazy! Did we know this? Have we ever been told this? How about jock itch, vaginal infections, and athlete’s foot? Those fungi always carry a tumor with them? That’s amazing!


This statement, where something that happens in plants is the same thing that happens in humans reminds me of when I read in Dead Doctors Don’t Lie where Dr. Joel Wallach found that cystic fibrosis in an rhesus monkey was called a selenium deficiency. But, in a human, it was given a disease name that had to be treated with an allopathic medicine. Just in case someone doesn’t know the definition of allopathic, let’s share it here:

So, allopathic is like the extreme opposite of a natural cancer treatment.

The Gerson Therapy, a natural cancer treatment therapy protocol, performed in Mexico, because it is banned in the United States, is very effective yet, does not suggest the use of baking soda, because it has sodium and alum, “which are highly toxic”.

However, you can order Cancer, Step Outside the Box, by Ty Bollinger. He has a whole chapter on Dr. Simoncini’s Sodium Bicarbonate Protocol, as well as a huge host of other natural cancer treatments. He also gives a raving report on the Gerson Therapy. According to Ty Bollinger, “Thousands of cancer patients credit Simoncini’s sodium bicarbonate with saving their lives” (p. 165).


Read about Dr. Simoncini’s revolutionary treatment to treat cancer is a fungus, here: http://www.collectivehealthy.com/an-italian-doctor-shocked-the-world-cancer-is-a-fungus-that-can-be-treated-with-baking-sodavideo/

You can watch the video here:

And, if you’re battling cancer now or just want to prevent it, read and obey your restored name scriptures, such as HalleluYah Scriptures, or the ISR at www.biblehub.com. Make the changes that you know you should make. Do the baking soda protocol and, get the book, Cancer, Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger. Read up on all the treatments. Incorporate what you can. I believe restoration to the pure, getting the city ways out of the people, is the path to recovery.



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