Does Your Defense Lawyer Speak Hebrew?

Because my defense Lawyer does…. And, I hope it’s the same for you!!

First of all, please, allow me to explain, this defense lawyer with an analogy about your bathrobe.

In Hebrew, there is a word, RoWB (רוב). Since it sounds just like our English word, ‘robe,’ as in your bathrobe, you will be able to remember it easy enough…
Yet, this ‘robe’ (RoWB) provides you much more amazingness than just covering your ‘tooshy’ and keeping it warm… or covering your nakedness so that you are not exposed.

Oh, it still covers your tooshy… and furthermore, it still COVERS YOUR NAKEDNESS… and most noteworthy, it keeps you from being exposed, like a (strike that…) like THE BOSS!!! Consequently, your DEFENSE LAWYER is the best BOSS you could have available to you!!

Please allow me to show you more!!… RoWB looks like this, in modern (Chaldean flame letters) Hebrew: רוב. And, I’ll show you the Paleo Hebrew font from the Eriktology series, as well:

defense lawyer

Definition of RoWB רוב:
(Think: Defense Lawyer):

to defend; to hold a controversy; to grapple

Significantly, that’s what a defense lawyer does: He defends you and holds you in your controversy.

He grapples for you, to defend you against those who would try to use you or abuse you or take from you.

Finally, He wins your case for you. He also gets you favor and justifies you.

The Function of the Letter, WaW, in this word:

In addition…, let’s point out that the middle letter in this word is WaW (ו). In Hebrew, this letter means a hook, or a nail. As a result, it affixes something to something.. or to someone…
Certainly, there are some things we want affixed to us (like a great defense lawyer or a seal of salvation) and there are other things we don’t want attached to us (like something that attacks us). Even in the English, there’s some word similarity between attach and attack, because of their spelling. Do you know how important the meanings of words are when used in a courtroom setting? And that, therefore, the defense lawyer does all the talking for you?…Consequently, you want a defense attorney that knows how to attack something negative that attaches itself to you).

Perhaps a judgment affixes itself to you or your property… Or a complaint follows you… or someone targets your wonderful name and character.
The WaW even LOOKS like a hook or a nail or something to affix with.

Meet your RoWB’s Cousin, RaB/RoBe:

RaB or RoBe (רב), on the other hand, is spelled with the same letters, without the WaW… without the thing affixed to you. It is missing the middle letter, the WaW (ו).


RaB or RoBe is equivalent to the combination of our ‘R’ and our ‘B’ letter sounds: רב… Yet, every letter in Hebrew actually means something, unlike in the English language.

defense lawyer


abundant (in quantity, size, age, number, rank, quality); abundance
chief (military rank similar to ‘general’);
many, great, large, prestigious, powerful; great; greatness;
plurality in number or amount, whether applied to people or to things; large multitude
basic idea of “numerical multiplicity” (abundantly or a great amount);
greatness in prestige; greatness in strength and might;
large amount of time


When you have to be defended… you NEED a defense….
Especially relevant, when you HAVE A CONTROVERSY!!…. Don’t you want the ONE who CAN DEFEND you BEST….simply by REMOVING THE NAIL that is BINDING YOU??

The WaW (‘W’) between these two letters, the ReYSh (‘R’) and the BeYT (‘B’) is a HOOK, and a NAIL!! Therefore, IF we remove the nail, the thing trying to hijack your abundance, the thing that causes you to need a defense lawyer, you have what is left: abundance.

YaHuWaH can do that for you!! He promises to be your Defense Lawyer when you love and serve Him. But, you need to APPEAL to the One who can bring you abundance and success, and DEFEND YOU in your controversy.


2 Chronicles 14:11 tells us: And Asa called to יהוה (YaHuWaH) his Elohim, and said, “יהוה, there is no one but You to help between the mighty and the powerless. Help us, O יהוה our Elohim, for we rest on You, and in Your Name we go against this crowd. O יהוה, You are our Elohim, do not let man prevail against You!” Asa was making a plea to His Defense Lawyer!!


So, therefore, the next time you say ROBE, I hope you will think about what covers your tooshy and keeps you warm and safe!!! And MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHO covers you. YaHuWaH is supposed to be your RoWB, your DEFENSE Lawyer!

And now….? You can no longer say, “I don’t know Hebrew,” because you are learning… one amazing word at a time. I hope you agree with me that this is a great word to know.

And, certainly, you can try to defend yourself, of you could call on the one that Paul worships… but is that the best line of defense for you?? Rather, I suggest you know your Defense Lawyer, and you call Him to your rescue. Also, you should come to know the letters, as He does.

When you need a great DEFENSE LAWYER, you’ve got ONE!!! Not only a great Defense Lawyer, but He is also THE JUDGE, who decides your outcome.

No amount of money could pay for such a great DEFENSE LAWYER and JUDGE, by the way…. It’s like you’ve now got the inside track for getting beyond a predatory opponent. But, you do want to INVEST in this relationship with your defense Lawyer, and know that you know Him, and that He knows you.


An Important Word from Jeremiah:

It seems like YaHuWaH wants us to know His Name and what He will do for us when we call upon Him (as He tells us in Jeremiah 33:2,3):

2“Thus said יהוה who made it, יהוה who formed it to establish it, יהוה is His Name,

3‘Call unto Me, and I shall answer you, and show you great and inaccessible matters, which you have not known.’

That’s what we want, right??? This is VERY IMPORTANT to us!!

So therefore, we want YaHuWaH to show us things that are great and have so far been inaccessible to us… and things which we have not known. WE also want to INVEST in our relationship with our Defense Lawyer. Ultimately, we want to come to KNOW His language and what He builds into our defense and into our abundance, and to know His immeasurable love for us.


An Important Message from our Messiah from the Book of John:

(John, the Beloved Disciple):

Please allow me to share the words of the Messiah, YaHuWShu’A, from John, chapter 7… words to His brothers and to those who came against Him:

6יהושע therefore said to them, “My time has not yet come, but your time is always ready.

7“It is impossible for the world to hate you, but it hates Me because I bear witness of it, that its works are wicked.

8“You go up to this festival. I am not yet going up to this festival, for My time has not yet been filled.”

9And having said this to them, He stayed in Galil.

10But when His brothers had gone up to the festival, then He also went up, not openly, but as it were in secret.

11The Yehuḏim, therefore, were seeking Him at the festival, and said, “Where is He?”

12And there was much grumbling about Him among the crowd. Some were saying, “He is good,” but others were saying, “No, but He is leading the crowd astray.”

13However, no one spoke openly of Him for fear of the Yehuḏim.

14And about the middle of the festival יהושע went up into the Set-apart Place, and He was teaching.

15And the Yehuḏim were marvelling, saying, “How does this Man know letters, not having learned?”

16יהושע answered them and said, My teaching is not Mine, but His who sent Me

Please don’t fall for the deception that YaHuWaH and YaHuWShu’A did not hide things. For, His Word shows huge evidence to the contrary.

Disciples are Disciplined

Please know that disciples are disciplined…. That’s what the word, disciple, means. They are the taught ones.

You can learn more about the original belief of the apostles, here (prior to the universal church getting ahold of it… The translating of the ‘new testament’ scriptures really got ‘lawyered’…. ):


Furthermore, we realize Bereans search the scriptures to see if what they are told is true. They did not take ANYONE’s words as truth unless it lined up with YaHuWaH’s Word (which, at that time, was only the TaNaKh (aka the ‘old’ testament)).

Hebrew is objective, observable, definable, verifiable, and repeatable, with repeatable results.

We know the disciples were students disciplined in training of the truth of the Word. In addition, we know that apprenticeships in the Scriptures were for three years’ time. Also, by the significant progress they made, we can see they took their training very seriously!! They were dedicated! And, as you probably know from the Ccriptures, they were transformed in power!!

And, YaHuWaH rewards His servants for their trustworthy service to Him. (He will be your DEFENSE LAWYER!!)
He’s no respecter of persons!! He will do the same for His servants today who serve Him in trustworthiness and belief.

Come Join Us!!

In conclusion…I want to encourage you to begin a passionate discipleship, learning the language our Father and His Son shared with us, and preserved FOR US.

If you would like to learn Hebrew and to come to know the letters, please come study with us!!
Come be a Codesearcher…. Whether or not you want to search the hidden Hebrew codes, you can learn Hebrew here with us.

Zephaniah 3:9 says: “For then I shall turn unto the peoples a clean lip, so that they all call on the Name of יהוה, to serve Him with one shoulder.

You’ll love the empowering the Father provides you, when you’re learning His Word in the pure language, and, in addition, you’ll find very beneficial the fellowship among this community of Berean believers. Apply for training here:


Lastly, if you think this ministry is important in the restoration of the truth of the original scriptures, I invite you to please cheerfully give to this ministry. We are seeking the lost sheep of our Father, who has called us to this work.

YaHuWaH loves a cheerful giver.

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