This post is for those who have either REJECTED THEIR MESSIAH, OR ARE “INVESTIGATING” THIS ACTION:
If you lost your Messiah in your search for YOUR TRUTH, you also lost YOUR WAY and YOUR LIFE.
In all your getting wisdom and ToWRaH wisdom, if your study led you away from the MaShiYaCx, you stumbled over Him twice!!
Y’Sh’AYaHuW (salvation of YaHuWaH, aka ‘Isaiah’) 8:14 says:
And He shall be for a MiQDaSh, but a stone of stumbling and a rock that makes for falling to both the Houses of YaShaRAeL, as a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Yerushalaim. And many among them shall stumble and fall, and be broken and snared and taken.” Bind up the Witness, seal the ToWRaH among my TaLMiDiYM [disciples].
YaHuWShu’A is the living ToWRaH/instruction.
If you have learned a little Hebrew, how did your search to delete the Messiah not bring you to ‘Zechariah’ 6?
And for your knowledge of Hebrew (which surely you must have mastered before you decided to DELETE the MaShiYaCx out of your beliefs, your reality) not show you that the word ZaKaRiYaH (the remembrance, the recording, the male member that records to the DNA/’Zechariah’) essentially means the recording of the DNA by the Father’s writing instrument upon the Son, and that you are to remember that/recognize that? And that the Name of YaHuWShu’A is the Name of the TzeMaCx, the branch?
It’s true there is no Je-sus who taught liberty from the commandments of YaHuWaH. If you go searching you will find that there was no historical Je-sus.
But, there is a SON who takes away the sins of the world. And YaHuWaH’s Name is in Him and on Him. His Name is YaHuWaH.
In DeBaRiYM (words, matters, things/aka ‘Deuteronomy’) 18:15, 19,20, Mosheh (‘Moses’) says to the Hebrews:
“YHWH your ELoHiYM shall raise up for you a NaBiY [prophet] like me from your midst, from your brothers. Listen to Him…And it shall be the man who does not listen to MY WORDS which He speaks IN MY NAME, I require it of him. But the NaBiY [prophet, speaker] who PRESUMES to speak a word in MY NAME, which I have not commanded him to speak, or who speaks in the name other mighty ones, even that NaBiY shall die.”
Pride comes before a fall. There is no way any former Gentile has such a grasp on the Hebrew language of the ToWRaH and TaNaKh to feel justified in denying the PeCaCx (Passover) Lamb who takes away the sins of the world.
It’s both/and…
We need what brother YaHuWDaH (aka ‘Judah’/the Jews) has, to the extent that it is knowledge of the language and compliance with the ToWRaH (the instructions of the everlasting covenant). That’s what the Word says.
AND also, THEY (as well as we) need the MaShiYaCx, who is our Advocate the pure One, who redeems us.
You rejected the whole new Testament (literally, it’s the ‘Renewed Covenant’)??? The one you were raised on?
Yet, the Messiah is provable from the TaNaKh (aka the ‘Old Testament’), alone, and even within the hidden ToWRaH codes and the TaNaKh codes.
If you were taught the MaShiYaCx, and then got talked out of him, all your suspicions and studying proved short.
Even YaHuWaH’s Name reflects the meaning, Behold Hand Behold Nail!!
Who talked you out of your Messiah?
Even YaHuWDaH is looking intently for the Messiah right now.
YaHuWShu’A served YaHuWaH with His life and death and resurrection.He showed us how to serve the Father. He told us to obey the Father.

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