Thank you for allowing us to share with you…

We wanted to put together a website where you could find helpful resources to search the words/matters/things (the Hebrew word for this is DeBaRiYM, and is the real name of the Book known as Deuteronomy) of the Father. So, that’s what we put together here.


What the Father has joined together…

My name is Darla Wright. I am married to Jonathan Wright, who is beloved by many, and is known as ‘the Codesearcher.’

Jonathan owns the website, http://www.thecodesearcher.com, and has the youtube channel, Codesearcher Dot Com, which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMatt71269.

Together, our separate callings on our lives merged. Jonathan runs the Codesearcher Apprentice Training Program and I help him with sharing Hebrew from the Word; we record and broadcast via livestream on A Light Unto the Gentiles Channel; we host a free fellowship group at https://12tribesibriy.com/a-light-unto-the-gentiles/ for believers crossing over from the dogmas into truth from the Scriptures; we share with people on Facebook; and we run this website, as well as http://thecodesearcher.com.

Ultimately, we are about seeking for the lost sheep of YaShaRAeL, just as the Messiah was. Generally, these are people who would define themselves as ‘waking up’ and as christians…,We are seeking restoration of the things that were stolen from us, the knowledge that is being returned so that the people do not perish. And, all who will seek the narrow path and will walk in it will be on the path to the Father that leads to the life.

Through training in the Word of YaHuWaH, people begin to see the light from the Word of YaHuWaH. We can help immensely with this revelation and understanding. Come join our fellowship at https://12tribesibriy.com/a-light-unto-the-gentiles/

We moved from our 11-acre farm in Utah (where we were married in the autumn of 2015) to the Big Island of Hawaii. Having moved there from Southern California in 2012, I had grown tired of five months of winter. I had also wanted to leave the mainland for quite some time. Hawaii was the perfect choice. The Big Island is a farming island, with two large towns. The food at the store is crazy expensive, especially when a couple is feeding nine people! Most people living here grow some food items, because, it seems, everything grows, here. We bought one acre, and we are hoping to build a home on it. But, for now, we are renting a home, and it holds us, three young adult kids, and four minors. And, we are planting food on our really beautiful one acre of land.



My Story and My Commission, Ministry, and Heart:

Around 2003, I really began waking up to what was really going on, and how the Beast System had enmeshed everyone with its Matrix web. I learned that vaccine damage caused my two sons to have their autism and I really always suspected it as affecting my son just older than those two sons). I also read Evidence of Harm, by David Kirby. Then I saw David Ayoub’s video: Vaccines and the Global Agenda. (If you are still vaccinating your children or if you have grandchildren about to be vaccinated, get yourself educated on that!!) That really began my waking up from the beast system.

Then, in 2009, I began to discern some things about my church. The first thing was: I didn’t have enough money to pay my water bill, and our water got turned off. I went to our church, who the previous year I had given $1000 to for their new property purchase fund. But now, I owed $550 on my water bill and I had no help. The church helped me. But, they told me, “Don’t let this ever happen again!!” (My husband had just left me, and so there was a legitimate reason that this had happened.)

Here I was… a single mom with seven children living in my home, two autistic, and I could not afford to live in Southern California.

As soon as I needed help, my church was upset with me.

The second thing I noticed was that our church began having conversations with the people about why we were going to stop having a sat. night service any more, only services on sun. And, the people were not happy about this. There was a great grumbling over this, and people were leaving the church over it.

The third thing was that I heard the pastor say something in a sermon about the first century church not living in one place and having everything they had in common.  I knew THAT was not right. I asked one of the elders. He agreed with the pastor.

I knew they were wrong; the scriptures SAID that they did live together and contribute all that they had to be used for the common good. My children had been to sunday school every single week since they had been born. But, these things led me to stop going to church and to start studying on my own.

I had seen a Messianic Jewish prophet online, and I began studying under his ministry. We learned how to eat kosher/clean foods. We learned about the everlasting covenant. We learned how both houses stumbled over the Sanctuary/Rock of Offense (Isaiah 8:14). We did some INTENSE re-reading of the Scriptures. Most of what we learned was VERY scriptural. And, my family and I studied!! And, we learned how to do the things that the Jews did, and we learned to look at the Scriptures in a Hebrew way… very different than what we had learned as christians. But, it was scriptural nonetheless. And, some of it was traditions.

Now, when YaHuWaH showed me it was time for my family and me to leave this ministry, we left. And from there, I began to study from Eric Bissell’s work. He teaches Paleo Hebrew (Eriktology, a very awesome free college-level program on youtube). As we learned, we embraced the truth that we learned and we gave up the false traditions we had known all our lives.

My children and I stopped keeping Christmas and Easter. We learned that they were pagan. And we felt convicted.

It was not an overnight change for us. But, with each passing year, YaHuWaH pulled us further and further out of these pagan things, and brought joy to us for keeping His festivals/appointments in time (see Leviticus 23 for YaHuWaH’s appointments He tells us to keep).

The RuWaCx HaQoDeSh (the sanctified Spirit) of YaHuWaH showed me:


His own Name was removed from His Word and replaced with another one’s name

NEARLY 7 THOUSAND TIMES in the TaNaKh (aka, ‘Old Testament’), alone!!

And, the same for His title, ELoHiYM, which was replaced with G-D!! 

Be Still and Know that I am YHWH-Psalm 46-10


In Isaiah 65:11, YaHuWaH says: But you are those that forsake יהוה, who forget my qodesh (sanctified) mountain, who prepare a table for גד –G-D, and who fill a a drink offering for מני-Meny/Muny, the deity of fate… sounds like Money…  doesn’t it?) Fortune/Fate/Money… Do you see the connection?

Though in many English translations G-D in this verse is errantly translated as ‘troop’–because in Hebrew this spelling is very closely related to the troop that goes in and takes what it wants because might makes right with this deity of Acquisition and Distribution and Elevation of status.

G-D, H1408, H1409 in the Strong’s Concordance says that G-D is Fortune, the Babylonian deity.

You really have to let that sink in.

See if this helps… This is a portion of a DOLLAR bill in the United States. Incidentally, I did a study on the Hebrew sound of the word DOLLAR. Did you know that DOLLAR has to do with poverty, and that many countries call their currency DOLLARS.

G-D, the Babylonian deity of fortune, on our currency



Of course, we (my family) had not known this…

But, we wanted to know the truth, and to walk in it!!

And so, as we learned more and more truth, we repented of these things…

And, we followed every truth that YaHuWaH made known to us.

EVERY TRUTH… We made NO compromise!!

We ARE responsible for our choices…. and we ARE responsible to study out what we hear.

Study Books

All He showed me was backed up with Scripture. We learned so much about His Name and His ToWRaH (instructions).

And, I just learned and learned and learned.

Before long, I was sharing what I had learned, over and over again. And, many others who had awakened to the same truths were also sowing seeds of the ministry of restored truth. And, these seeds sprouted.

Still, others sowed messages of compromise. And, their seeds also sprouted.

And, others sowed reports of false doctrine and cults, and warned, “Stay away from that. Avoid that!! Don’t listen!!!” And, there’s evidence that their seeds also sprouted.


On or around YoWM HaKiPuWRiYM (day of atonement) in 2012, my children and I were immersed in the Name of YaHuWaH and His Son YaHuWShuW’A’s Names in the RuWaCx HaQoDeSh


From studying under Eric Bissell, I developed a love for the Hebrew and the Paleo Hebrew.

And, Eric taught me to study the Hebrew words, themselves, so that I didn’t have to take men’s words for what the Word said.

I could actually know exactly what YaHuWaH said. I could discern it for myself!!


Now, more often that not, when there is a heated debate about something, I study the Hebrew, and the Father clears up the questions for me.

All I know about Hebrew began with that great teacher, Eric Bissell.

Study Eriktology Paleo Hebrew with Eric Bissell


I don’t agree with anyone on everything. And, part of that is because the Father seems to give some understanding in one area and not yet in another area to different people. Or maybe there is some block in that area for some reason or until some particular time.

We have to have our hearts open and be willing to obey.

And, we have to seek the truth of the Father, and follow Him.

We also have to have compassion for other believers who do not yet have revelation or clarity.


But, we also have to have an understanding of the work of the Father through others.

Prophets have not been appreciated through history.

They have been killed.

But, a prophet has a message.

A prophet tells true words from the Father.


I do not presume myself to be a prophet.

But, I do, at times, feel some similarity.

I do share truth. A very good clue of whether or not someone shares truth is if the Call upon the Name of YaHuWaH and if they have rejected the Names of false mighty ones.

YaHuWaH and YaHuWShuWA


This will give you a clue as to how much revelation they have received. Because, based on Jeremiah 16:19-21, there’s a whole lot that we have to come out of…


YeRMiYaHuW 16-19-21



most of my learning


We also want to recommend that you get the book, Nazarene Israel, The Original Faith of the Apostles, by Norman Willis.


Screenshot 2016-08-18 12.10.30



As I mentioned previously, I am married to Jonathan Matthew Wright, the Codesearcher. Together, we study the Word, research the codes, learn Hebrew, and share the restored truth to the world.


If you know and remember the Matrix movie, no one in that beast system wanted to be rescued. They believed that system to be all they needed or desired.

Matrix Fight to Protect It

The beast system has most people hornswoggled/deceived and trapped, even. It’s a wide path system. And, for the most part, people enjoy the system.


Those on the narrow path, like Neo Anderson, are on the outside, and they can see the delusion.


Fortunately, many are waking up to the political realities. And, some are waking up to the spiritual realities. I believe they really are very much two heads of the same system.

I believe the most loving way to be with people is to tell them the truth.


Control is an Illusion it is your choice Matrix



And yet, it is also important to acknowledge that everyone was given a choice by YaHuWaH to choose who or what they will worship.  And, it’s also important to know that we can only share so much with people, especially perhaps, given only an online encounter.

It was that way with me, trying to share the Name of YaHuWaH with Jonathan.

They Shall Know My Name YaHuWaH


The delusion of G-D is a very powerful STRONGHOLD that holds this nation and all English-speaking believers hostage.  If you do not know the truth of what I have shared with you, you will be as offended as anyone in the Matrix movie–you will fight to defend and protect what you believe.

And, Jonathan was no different, at first. 

Clarity came for Jonathan from the RuWaCx HaQoDeSh. I spoke my piece, I made my stand. I planted the seed of truth. But then, I had to back away and let the RuWaCx HaQoDeSh confirm that and so much more to Jonathan.

It’s very important to know and to really grasp that our enemy has pulled no punches to make sure we have no idea who we really are or what the truth really is. That’s my revelation and my understanding.


YaHuWaH is restoring EVERYTHING unto THIS LATTER DAYS GENERATION that has been removed from them.

Do what Jonathan and I chose to do ….  Find the real truth, and get rid of what’s not the real truth.


We are commanded to know the Scriptures. We are expected to know the truth. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” What lack of knowledge might that be?


We didn’t know the water was tainted… We didn’t know the snake was poisonous… We knew, but didn’t take it seriously… We excused our sins and said, “He knows my heart?”


What lack of knowledge makes the people perish?


I’ve learned A LOT in the last 7 years. And, coincidentally, that’s the same time that a 2,730 year curse on the 10 northern tribes ended.

A lot of people seem to have woken up and began learning on their own, directly under the leading of the RuWaCx HaQoDeSh (the sanctified Spirit) since that time.

It’s been a wild fire that the church’s pastors have not been able to control. 2 million people leave the church every year.

YaHuWaH says in His work that He will come gather His people from the bad shepherds…..

We have to know what the Father said. Not what our churches teach. Everything we know and we believe has to be scripturally and historically true.


I know this country is one of the 12 tribes.

I know that there will be a second exodus greater than the first.

I know that YaHuWaH says He will bring the people into the wilderness and put them under the bond of the covenant.

And, I know He’s taking us back to the land.

And, I know the land has to be redeemed in the Jubilee year.

And, I know that His people will know His Name.

And, I know that in the day of distress the Gentiles will turn to Him and say, “Surely our fathers inherited only falsehood and futility in which there is no profit.” And that they will know His Hand, His Might, and His Name.

Well, I can sure tell you that it’s not about me… It’s about YaHuWaH and His Son, YaHuWShuW’A.

It’s about His Calendar. It’s about His ShaBaT. It’s about YaHuWaH’s appointment times (or feasts).

It’s about His rescue, about His saving the remnant, and about His Judgment for all those against Him and His Way.

It’s about the remnant, even now, preparing themselves for the work of the Father, KNOWING the FATHER.

It’s about purifying themselves as the Bride.


It’s about putting away ALL pagan idolatry, and repenting of it, no matter how we came to LOVE the festivities that we have adored around the Gregorian pagan papal calendar with which we were raised and immersed.

It’s about greater miracles than have ever been done before, being performed by a righteous remnant.

It’s about 144,000–12,000 from 12 tribes– having the Father’s Name as a seal on their foreheads.

And, it’s about getting the real story straight from the Father.


How we receive His Name — what we do with His Name — is the KEY to Him sharing more of His QaDoSh/sanctified matters with us.


Get yourself a restored name Scriptures. (We love the HalleluYah Scriptures the most. But, we use all that we have, and we have most of them. You can start right now with the ISR, available on www.biblehub.com.)


Come out of the Matrix Beast System. Know your enemy is a master of mixtures. 50 shades of grey. Reported by the sages, the Hebrews in slavery in Egypt were at the 49th level of sin. And, there is no retrieval after they get to the 50th level.

YaHuWaH called ABRaM out. Come out, like ABRaM came out.


Read the Scriptures for yourself. Turn in your pagan mixture religion for what the Word actually says. 

Turn in your pagan festivals for the festivals of YaHuWaH, found in Leviticus 23 (incidentally, the real name of that book is not the Latin/Greek name we have learned. It is WaYiQRA (wuh yee qrah) and it means And He called… The ones He called were obeying the commands in this book.



Do not neglect the original everlasting covenant.

It must be in our hearts.

Be in the Word, Learn the Word, and Live the Word.

And build your relationship with YaHuWaH and YaHuWShuW’A.

Psalm 119 151 152


The greatest blessing I know that I share with you–you can pray this for ANYONE, and I pray it for you: “May you fulfill the calling that YaHuWaH has placed on your life.”


And so, as some of you may be familiar with my husband, Jonathan Wright, The Codesearcher, I will tell you our story.

I am the mother of seven children. I have lived 25 years of my life married. But, prior to my current marriage, my marriages were very broken. There were great spiritual reasons for this. But, one of the things that I learned just in the last few years is that I am a descendant of the tribe of YoWCePh, the tribe of MeNaSheH, his son, and that my Father requires that we marry inside our tribe and for the purpose that we serve YaHuWaH together and so that we rear righteous children that will serve Him. (See Ezra 9 and 10, Exodus 34:11-16,Numbers 36:3-6.)

I have a Master’s Degree in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy. I have a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Organizational Communication, with a Minor in Broadcasting. I graduated with Cum Laude Honors. I worked in Television Production for 30 years. In 2013, I slipped and hurt my back. From that point on, my back has not repaired. 

My previous marriage had been with a man that had a very bad problem with alcohol. He was only present with my family about 1/3 of the time, but my children were very afraid of him. The dog didn’ even like him. I did, however, receive the most beautiful, sweet, loving daughter out of the marriage. Our marriage ended December 2015.

Caelan’s daddy’s body was found in a desert in May 2016. And, it was very, very hard for Caelan.

But, of course, YaHuWaH knew all of this. He knew Caelan was going to need a daddy, and my three sons, still at home, also needed a dad very badly. And, they all needed to repair over the damage done by the fear caused by this man. And, that’s when YaHuWaH started answering many prayers for my children and me.

I had moved my family to Utah in 2012, feeling the angst to get out of California, most especially after Fukushima in March of 2011.  I found our off-grid beautiful farm in 2013, and purchased it in November.

Then, in December of that year, I slipped badly on some ice. This fall became the last straw of some damage I was already feeling in my back for couple of years. I was no longer able to work for the studios in Los Angeles. Since December 2013, I have just been home with my children and unable to work.

My children and I prayed many nights and days continually for the Father to help us, to bring us some kind of work that we could do to provide for ourselves. You see… my job was causing me to break the ShaBaT. And, I KNEW IT!!

But, my belief was not strong enough at that time to realize that if I just quit my job and trusted in YaHuWaH, that if I put His Kingdom of Righteousness first, He would make the way for us.

I had a friend tell me I had to quit my job.

But, while he was saying one thing about keeping the ShaBaT from Isaiah 58 , YaHuWaH was showing me verse 9: If you take the yoke from off your neck you will hear Me.

And, yes, I had fallen several times, and my health was manifesting like a wreck.

So, I repented from not trusting YaHuWaH and for breaking His ShaBaT.

And, now I was home, with a hurt back.

I had three children who had decided not to live ‘in the middle of nowhere,’ so they had returned to California.

I desperately missed my three children in California and my family in California, and even my work and work relationships in California. But I was home with my children. And, I was keeping ShaBaT.

One of the things my children and I prayed together about, that cold, lonely winter, was a husband for me and a father for the children. That prayer was answered mightily. Jonathan and I will celebrate our one year anniversary on the first night of CuWKoWT (‘sue-coat,’ the feast of booths, feast of tabernacles, which begins five days after YoWM KiPuWR, the day of atonement). And, it feels wonderful to have our anniversary on the calendar of YaHuWaH–the calendar we live on, not on a pagan calendar date.


Jonathan and I were very blessed by the Father that He brought us together. Both he and I had come through abusive marriages with unfaithful spouses, each of whom  had broke faith with us many times.


Jonathan and Darla Provo Utah 3-16

It was about June 2014, I believe, that I began watching Jonathan’s videos, and I believed that YaHuWaH wanted me to share His Name with Jonathan. Well, I became his friend on Facebook and joined his codesearcher group. After several months, I got myself kicked out of his codesearcher group, because his admins (at the time) did not want me talking about YaHuWaH to anyone.

Thankfully, Jonathan did not block me.

Last year, after both of us were single again, we expressed concern over each other’s marriage break up.

Jonathan and I got to know each other a little over the phone. And, as is often the case when I have invited people to the farm, I extended an invitation to him, that if he ever felt like coming out to the farm, he would be welcome.

Jonathan actually had been praying about what was YaHuWaH’s plan for him when I contacted him, out of the blue. He perceived this was what YaHuWaH had planned for him when I invited him. So, he prayed about it some more. Then, he told me he was coming out to the farm.

He arrived on Feast of Trumpets in 2015. We kept YoWM HaKiPuWRiYM (Leviticus 23, day of atonement), we built our CuWKaH/booth. We got to know each other a little bit during those two weeks. We spent some quality time together. Our feelings for each other grew. And Jonathan asked me if I would marry him. And, the love has just grown and grown since then.

All seven of my children were here for CuWKoWT that year, and that was wonderful!! I was so excited when my son, Keaton, came from California. I remember saying to him, “You have four days to get to know Jonathan.” And, the 6 foot tall, 26 year old body-builder son of mine replied back to me, “And, I’ve got four days to dig a hole.” It was so funny!!! He’s the only son that didn’t get adopted, because he has a great dad in his life. But, he loves Jonathan, as well. The other six were so in need of a great dad.

Well, Jonathan asked all seven children if he could marry me. 

Jonathan and I exchanged our vows with YaHuWaH and with each other on the first day of CuWKoWT (the feast of booths) in 2015, and we have had the best years we have ever had in our lives.

We are very thankful that the Father brought us to each other. Jonathan and I are soul mates. We love the same things. And, we know the Father planned this. He puts the lonely in families. His Word actually says that. It has been my greatest honor to serve YaHuWaH alongside Jonathan, and to be his helper.

He is a very good man, and an EXCELLENT FATHER!!!! We are very thankful that the Father SENT a father for these children. Jonathan adopted his six new stepchildren in July 2017.

YaHuWaH ALWAYS takes care of His servants, and has given us such a clear way to serve Him with the compulsion He has implanted in our hearts to serve Him, to search the codes, and ultimately to proclaim YaHuWaH and the restoration of all things to His people, and to seek for the lost sheep of YaShaRAeL. 

Thank you for reading our story where:

LOVE is patient, is kind,

love does not envy,

love does not boast, is not puffed up,

does not behave indecently,

does not seek its own,

is not provoked,

reckons not the evil,

does not rejoice over the unrighteousness,

but rejoices in the truth,

it covers all,

believes all,

expects all,

endures all.

Love never fails.

… And this is the kind of environment where the fruit of the RuWaCx is grown…

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trustworthiness, gentleness, self-control

Against such there is no ToWRaH


Please have a look around all the posts and pages on this website, and ask the Father to guide you into all truth and to expose all the deceptions and compromises and distractions that you have listened to. Repent and return to the pure truth and wash yourself only with the living water of the pure Word.

And, don’t forget to join us for our fellowship group: https://12tribesibriy.com/a-light-unto-the-gentiles/



(peace and wholeness unto you)